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RE: Solving Problem

Post by reliefseeker » Wed Nov 22, 2006 11:25 pm


Dynaloy has developed a line of safe, effective silicone solvents specifically for the removal of cured and uncured silicones. If your company is involved with silicones, then these silicone solvents and silicone removal products are for you. Our silicone solvents and silicone removal products quickly remove cured and uncured material from application and mixing equipment. Please contact us to order or for more information.

I' very tempted...nawww...just a thought... :roll:


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Post by reliefseeker » Wed Nov 22, 2006 11:34 pm


Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Saccharomyces, from the Latin, literally means “sugar fungus,” and is the scientific name for the yeasts used in fermentation, specifically Baker's yeast. It is the simplest single-cell organism that operates in a manner similar to human cells and is therefore an important organism used in genetic and molecular biology research. The Saccharomyces cerevisiae genome has been sequenced. There are many versions of this fungus fermented with various compounds. Cosmetic ingredient manufacturers extol this yeast as having significant properties for skin but there is little independent research supporting its use on skin. However, some extracts of yeast, such as beta-glucan (a potent antioxidant) is derived from yeast (Sources: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, August 15, 1989, pages 6018-6022 and ... ynesO3.pdf).


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Post by RANDY » Thu Nov 23, 2006 12:40 am

If you read any of my posts you will see why I am asking. I am not writing a book. I have this and have had it for longer than most..almost 18 years.

I am doing my best organizing people from each state to get one doctor connected with a lab so that we have a protocol for treatment. So that new people with this will not feel alone and have a doctor they can go to.

At this point in time you need insurance coverage to be part of the program. Hopefully we will have it organized sometime in January.

We also need people to do fundraisers so those without insurance can have thier way paid for my contributions that will go to a non-profit and to this research. Also to keep a checks and balances on the CDC so that they can not pull anything knowing that a duplicate study will be relseased in a paper with a peer review.

The protocol so far is:

1) Register in your state so that when we have a doctor in your state we can call you to go to him. In vVirginia the number is 434-98-2757.

2) When you get into the study you will receive a psych evaluation

3) Get a full blood work up.

4) Take photos of lesions and skin

5) Take samples

6) Photo and test samples for certain elements

7) Decide what it is not by an extensive set of tests.

8) Have an intake person have you fill out a very lengthy questionaire.

What we are now working on are the tests to be given. We need to rule out what it is not like MRSA, LYME etc.

No one is asking you if you do not want to be part of anything. You can wait for others to take the lead and follow. That is your choice.

If you can not test for it, you have NOTHING. If you have nothing you can not go to court. Plain and simple and all the blah blah blah in the World ain't gonna change that one little bit and all it is is the ramblings of people with too much time on their hands searching the internet fof things they do not understand not will EVER be able to prove being led arouind by a Poet with no science background and being made fools of and appearing to be quite crazy by pbservation by the medical profession who clearly can see you have no idea what you all are talking about or have a way to ever prove it.

But do what you must and I will do what I must and let us see who finishes first.

I just wnat to be done with this disease. I went to have a stress test done my heart is damaged from this disease. It eats up and destroys your organs.

So take your time with blah blah. I prefer to go the way of the Romans if I am in Rome. and that is where we are. Like it or not. You have to go the way of science and prove what it is not to prove what it is not the other way around.

A;; the rest is just disinformation of people trying to think they know something when they do not. If you can not test ofr it or prove it you have NOTHING! PERIOD!


We are looking for do
During the End Times, Good will battle Evil. Where do you stand?

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Post by Sabrina » Thu Nov 23, 2006 1:15 am

Nadas Moksha wrote:why do you want an unknownskindisease
does it really offend you that bad for us to know?
i could not have said it better myself..

"The entire idea behind this site is to pretend they know what I have been preaching about. disinformation and discouragement this for months, fill up the pages with talk No one knows what it is and no one has a cure. "

"Pages and pages being active in getting it."


"lots of make believe knowledge...."??

-knowledge makes belief!
who will not show who they are?

"They know people watch this site.
They want to hurt our reputation."

-yeah like how you still cant find Bin Laden?

"Let those that watch this site know that we know what is going on here"

-paranoid gov mole here

"we know what you are doing and it is quite mean spirited and sick. But we all have our jobs and agendas."

-the paranoid mole telling us that watching this site is its job


Bravo! Bravo!!! Clap, clap, clap. :D 8) :lol: :wink:

She continues to spread her disinformation (polite way of calling someone a liar). This is NOT a skin disease and it does NOT take a degree in anything to figure that out! :roll: She is either the mole you speak of or severely and extremely cognitively challenged (polite way of saying really f#%&* stupid). :wink:

London wrote:Also, keep looking for a doctor. They are out there- they might not know what in the hell to do but they will at least try.....that bs about all doctors blowing you off and taking your kids is just that. Some do not want us to see a doctor.

I will leave it at that, but you get my drift....


Remember how Randy’s website used to say, “Do not go to your doctor, they will not believe you. Blah, blah, and don’t tell anyone they will call you crazy. Blah, blah, and more blah……"

My personal experience has been that I have never had any doctor accuse me of lying or being delusional. Some will try to help, some are just too afraid of contracting it or a law suite, and all have been absolutely clueless to begin with. They have tried to help me the best way they know how, but unfortunately for me this usually means a referral. I have never had anyone threaten to remove my child from my custody even after showing physicians how we glow with fibers under a blacklight. Can’t speak for anyone else, this is only my own personal experience. I say GO TO YOUR DOCTOR!!!!!!! And make and then keep your follow up appointments if your lucky enough not to get fired, I mean referred out.

London wrote:I have numerous calls both on my cell phone and home phone from various people and places

I have heard one other claim just like this on the cult board. At the time I had no clue as to why they were posting about that. They called the phone company and they couldn't figure out what was wrong either. Strange.

Dear Msc,

I honestly don’t know much about what you are posting about but I can say this. I had this condition before I ever used two of those drugs (retin-a sp? and accutane). Those drugs had no positive effects on this condition at all, but bare with me here because I do realize this is not your point in posting about it.

I was made aware of some of the risks of accutane before I took it and had doctors refuse to put me on it because I was female and of childbearing age. I remember having to sign a waiver or something stating that I agreed not to get pregnant while on this med. My "cystic acne" was so bad that it was disfiguring, very painful, and chronic. I was desperate and heard that this was the ticket to what I was told I had at the time. Three months of that crap and my "acne" continued to get worse. I had to take myself off of that med.

My point is, as bad as those drugs are, and although they will certainly kill us, they still don't kill this organism! :shock: I just thought I’d throw it in.

Forgive me for not recalling exactly who was asking about their carpets but I spray with enzymes with peppermint oil, it seems to dissolve this stuff. This was one of my very first tips and something I learned from this MUST READ article. Mr. X….. it is a classic. ... of/030.htm

It works wonders for the car also but I never use it on myself. Did that twice and twice I woke up with all kind of lesions, the box cutter scratch ones especially (very long strait line type sores up to nine inches in length). Kind of makes you feel like Linda Blair those ones do! :shock:


Those were some awesome posts a few pages back. Made my brain hurt!


Yes it is tempting. :cry:

Dear Tamtam,

Tomorrow Americans celebrate a holiday of giving thanks. I want you to know that I never did, nor will I ever expect you to have all the answers to this mystery. I know that you are only human like the rest of us (if I still can be classified as human :( ). Please know that what you have already done has and will always be greatly appreciated by me and I am sure, many of us. When I say grace over my harvest feast tomorrow I will remember you when I give thanks for all of the blessings in my life. :D

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Lady Sabrina

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Post by London » Thu Nov 23, 2006 1:30 am

Happy Thanksgiving to you too Lady Sabrina. I will gave thanks for you and TamTam too. Here that Tam? We love you.....

Yeah, to piggyback on Sabrina's comment, I have never taken the medicine orally but have used it on face a lot. The current tube I have I got down in Mexico at the pharmacia.....where I wish I was now. Just flat out wasted on Tequilla. The people are so nice down there.

Here is an article that is both informative and worthwhile.

Note***Corpus is in Texas on the gulf.

Byproduct of water-disinfection process found to be highly toxic
By Jim Barlow
News Bureau Staff Writer
A recently discovered disinfection byproduct (DBP) found in U.S. drink­ing water treated with chlo­ramines is the most toxic ever found, says a UI scien­tist who tested samples on mammalian cells.
The discovery raises health-related questions re­garding an Environmental Protection Agency plan to encourage all U.S. water-treatment facilities to adopt chlorine alternatives, said Michael J. Plewa [PLEV-uh], a genetic toxicologist in the department of crop sciences. “This research says that when you go to alternatives, you may be opening a Pandora’s box of new DBPs, and these unregulated DBPs may be much more toxic, by orders of magnitude, than the regu­lated ones we are trying to avoid.”
Plewa and colleagues, three of them with the EPA, report on the structure and toxicity of five iodoacids found in chloramines-treat­ed water in Corpus Christi, Texas, in this September’s issue of the journal Envi­ronmental Science & Tech­nology. The findings, which appeared online in advance, already have prompted a call from the National Ru­ral Water Association for a delay of EPA’s Stage 2 rule aimed at reducing the amount of previously iden­tified toxic DBPs occurring in chlorine-treated water.
“The iodoacids may be the most toxic family of DBPs to date,” Plewa said in an interview. One of the five detailed in the study, iodoacetic acid, is the most toxic and DNA-damaging to mammalian cells in tests of known DBPs, he said.
“These iodoacetic acids raise new levels of con­cerns,” he said. “Not only do they represent a potential danger because of all the water consumed on a daily basis, water is recycled back into the environment. What are the consequences? The goal of Stage 2 is to reduce DBPs, particularly the ones that fall under EPA regula­tions, and especially the ones that have been struc­turally identified and found to be toxic.”
The use of chloramines, a combination of chlorine and ammonia, is one of three alternatives to chlo­rine disinfectant, which has been used for more than 100 years. Other alternatives are chlorine-dioxide and ozone. All treatments react to com­pounds present in a drink­ing water source, resulting in a variety of chemical dis­infectant byproducts.
Some 600 DBPs have been identified since 1974, Plewa said. Scientists be­lieve they’ve identified maybe 50 percent of all DBPs that occur in chlo­rine-treated water, but only 17 percent of those occur­ring in chloramines-treated water, 28 percent in water treated with chlorine-di­oxide, and just 8 percent in ozone-treated water. Of the structurally identified DBPs, he said, the quanti­tative toxicity is known for

maybe 30 percent.
Some DBPs in chlorine-treated water have been found to raise the risks of various cancers, as well as birth and developmental defects.
Corpus Christi’s water supply has high levels of bromide and iodide be­cause of the chemical makeup of the ancient seabed under the water source. Local water sources lead to different DBPs. Whether the types of iodoac­ids found in Corpus Christi’s treated water might be simply a reflection of local conditions, and thus a rare oc­currence, is not known.
The DBPs in Corpus Christi’s wa­ter were found as part of an EPA na­tional occurrence survey of selected public water-treatment plants done in 2002. The survey reported on the presence of 50 high-priority DBPs based on their carcinogenic potential. The report, published in April, also identified 28 new DBPs.
Because so many new DBPs are being found in drinking water, Plewa said, two basic questions should be asked: How many are out there? And how many new ones will be formed as chlorine treatments are replaced with alternative methods?
Co-authors with Plewa on the EPA-funded study were Elizabeth D. Wagner, a scientist in the department of crop sciences at Illinois; Susan D. Richardson and Alfred D. Thruston Jr. of the EPA’s National Exposure Research Laboratory; Yin-Tak Woo of the EPA’s Risk Assessment Divi­sion, Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics; and A. Bruce McKague of the CanSyn Chemical Corp. of Toronto.

and if you open up the document , i.e., hyperlink, you will find an article on the beez and how the scientist study them for social insects......

and lastly, I don't know if this plays a part in our disease but I'm think it probably does. It's the gene that controls skin color. ... Id=5055391

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Post by London » Thu Nov 23, 2006 1:57 am

This looks to me as if we are headed in the direction of free trade perhaps? I dunno, honestly don't but just thinking out loud.....China in the picture I do believe.......

Still waiting.......panacea, panacea Is this too much too ask?

And I'm just saddened by the AT&T followers, for I have been a loyal customer my entire adult life. Now you go and do what you did.....get me some help please......Tony, you listening while your'e at that Round Table?

I read all about your awards and even know your connection with the Foundation that paid off the 30 mill for the projects.....


Hey Releief seeker,

Does this help?(withyour temtation?) ... ts&spell=1

or this? ... f8&oe=utf8

Sorry admin, I forgot how to do a tiny url.....

Now, this may be off topic but it is gooood! ... cared.html

Relief Seeker-

Look what I found. ... 0chemicals

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Post by London » Thu Nov 23, 2006 2:36 am

don't believe we will ever figure it out??? I think I have studied this as much as you have tried to cover it up....where;s my panacea???

AT&T, youhoo, waiting here.....

okay, carrying right along, I said I knew about the train people.....but is this what you guys are trying to hide???

Résumé / Abstract
A train of carbon and DNPH-coated cartridges set in series is proposed as a suitable method for determining all carbonyl compounds from C[1] to C[12] in air and emission samples. While the front traps are analyzed by GC-MS after thermal desorption, back-up cartridges are analyzed by HPLC-UV after liquid extraction. The method has been tested through laboratory and field experiments. Practical applications are reported and data obtained used for discussing the possible origin of volatile and semi-volatile compounds in forest areas of the Mediterranean basin.

If so, we already know all of this and all of that....our water is messed up. I know for a fact that the gov't is testing ways to get the depleted uranium into the air but gd, it they did not have to do it thru my boiler room did they? Ruin my a/c-heat system....Shall I have to go into the BMWmotors or what? What's it gonna take here?

Now want me to post how you put the whacked out HVAC's into the mental homes in Texas??? Do I need to go there to get some help dammit. B/c I can and I will.

People are sick gd it and we don't care about the sleazy gov't tacticts and busting them....just want a cure and call it a night.

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Post by London » Thu Nov 23, 2006 4:15 am

Dunno if this will helpl; I'm thinking it will:

Highly sensitive detection of HIV type O and type M variants with transcription mediated amplification. Wang, R., Yang, Y., Dockter, J., Riggs, M., McDonough, S., Mimms, L., Giachetti, C., (Gen-Probe Incorporated, San Diego, California).

Assessment of HIV-1 RNA in plasma is a useful marker for viral infection. HIV-1 RNA appears in plasma prior to antibody response, providing a very sensitive method for early detection of HIV infection. A major challenge for the development of screening assays for this virus is its high degree of genetic diversity, which includes two major groups M and O. and several subtypes or Lades: A to I. With the goal of providing a rapid assay for routine analysis of large numbers of samples, we have applied Transcription Mediated Amplification (TMA) and the Hybridization Protection Assay (HPA) to HIV-1 RNA detection.

The sensitivity of the assay is at least 200 copies/ml of plasma spiked with HIV-1 IIIB virions. The sensitivity of detection of the different subtypes was evaluated using cell-free transcripts, viral isolates, and specimens representing the different viral variants. Our results indicated that the sensitivity of the HIV assay is similar for all eight subtypes tested: A to H. Moreover, testing of 33 type O viral isolates and specimens from 16 patients infected with type O virus indicated in all the cases very good detection.

In summary, the use of TMA and HPA technologies resulted in a reliable and highly sensitive assay for detection of all known HIV-1 subtypes. The development of this simple assay will have a measurable impact on the safety of the blood supply.


aND dEAR mARY, i FOUND YOUR RECIEPTS YOU TRASHED., ALL THE ADDRESSES I TRACED PERSONALLY. tHey all led to water/ wastetreatment facilities. So, what;s up here Morgellons research foundation????

Again people, publicity is controlled mainly by who? GE...oh, yes it is!

Ken Cowles/Kowles has ownership/stock, whatever in what Radio Station?
why it's Coast to Coast, so you can forget them.

Jeff Rinse show, my EX hero station, the one Cliff speaks on....well the pharmacies bought him out.....ain't going nowhere either.....

CNN hahahahaha......don't even won't to comment. Too bad I don't watch TV//////the other night I was in my kitchen and a small tv was in there on some reg. station. It was a sat night....well, the last 8 min. was all I got to hear and it was what? Talking about us......It's all over the airways and tv and comic books.

That show was called kidnapped. I have never seen it since. don't know if it was a onetime episode relating to us or if it's a weekly thing.

Now tonight, besides Jericho (yes, that one) was some new one. I did not see it but it came on from 8-9 and was called Criminal Minds.

And some show was on two Sat. afternoons ago.....some sci-fi on regular tv where this person turned from human to part beast. I swear, the terminology in all of them was there..////

i.e., do you believe in free will or free determination?
Panopticon, recombinate virus.....all had it. Like I said, Coke has made a small video about it and had these specially designed coke bottles about it.

and MTV is in on the don't let someone fool you when they act all pissy b/c we were mentioned on E.R. Hell, they named the new gatoraide flavors after us.....

okay, now look what the NSF has also got:

fluorescence in multiple systems has been developed (Optics Letters 30:1689-1691, 2005).

and look what else they sponsored. this one full of goodies. Right here along with the infamous Cornell. ... slides.pdf

Goodnight and Happy Thanksgiving you two Mary's. And thanks for ruining my life dammit.

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Post by London » Thu Nov 23, 2006 4:40 am

I don't lie.

Here's a sample of the nuclear waste.....Hey, is that what is maybe putting these red burns on my body where the sun does not shine?

Sample I said, I don't care what the hell the gov't is up to....I can turn my cheek and shut up just as soon as I get some panacea.....

I'm waiting...

No other nuclear nation in the world has as optimistic a schedule for the
permanent disposal site for its most dangerous, high-level wastes.

The Energy Department plans to seek a license to build the repository in 2002,
begin building in 2005 and begin loading fuel in 2010.

That is ample time to do the job right, said Abe Van Luik, who is in charge of
modeling how Yucca Mountain will perform over the ages.

"There will be a lot of opportunity to do a lot of studies," he said, not just
while construction is under way, but also during the 24 or more years it will
take to fill the mountain's tunnels with waste.

"If we have made a mistake of some sort, we will have plenty of time to back
the trains out and back the stuff out and think of something else to do with

In addition, he said, if Congress and the president permit the plan to go
forward, nuclear regulators will have to sign off on it at least three times:
Before construction begins, before waste-loading begins, and before 50 to 250
years of temporary monitoring stops and the mountain is closed for good --
sometime between 2084 and about 2290.

"It's a very cautious way to go forward," he said.

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Post by msc » Thu Nov 23, 2006 4:45 am

from msc

i think you need to start watching the new news releases on what dr. staninger has found. on two patients both showing up with silicone and
silica particles in their biopsies and high density polyethlyene fibers
used in fiber optics. the women show degeneration in their bones and calcification in their bones from these chemicals. what has my friend being trying to say since resarching the chemicals used in her fda prescription cream renova 0.05%. do none of you think that it is not a crime that patients are not informed of these chemicals and drugs and
what they produced and that atoms and hydogels and ligands and toxic vapors are altering their genes and rearranging them. if these chemicals like lipids soften the skin and other chemicals partition membranes don't you think that opens up the body and skin tissue for all sorts of hosts to enter. the ligands have claws pulling bugs, spiders and other horrific toxic insects into skin eyes and nose. using retinids that have biofilms from halobacterium and leichens and isotopes without informing a patient is a violation of nuremburg and any civilized society. as the women stated in her blog she used accutane and had to sign a waiver, in all research we found that is suppose to be done. it was not done in this case, accutane was not mentioned on the patient insert, nor did she sign a waiver, a dermatologist gave her the prescription as he walked her to
the receptionist. he didn't even mark his notes that he prescribed it to her as she has her records. she was not being treated for cancer or any other skin problem. he stated after advertising this product in his waiting room that it prevents wrinkles and fades freckles. this is a crime and crime that must be punished, but this women can't get an attorney to help her, why? where is her rights, and how were three doctors allowed to discredit her reputation and tried to have her declared crazy. had the judge in this dyfs matter, the dyfs workers and the deputy attorney general tested the samples she asked them to test, they would have found
out that they were radio active hazardous material and biological hazardous material, instead they used as matchbox syndrome and brought the samples back to her home. they brought back hazardous material to a home where children live. don't any of you see the problem here, what are you missing? the entire country should be outraged at this.
gov't officals and physicians involved in this act should be arrested and punished to the fullest extent of the law. all physical documents support that they were chemo therapy drugs, radio active and biologically hazadous. here is something for americans to unite about.

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Post by London » Thu Nov 23, 2006 4:58 am

Chip promises telecoms revolution

The new "optic chip" is at the development stage

New polymers developed by US scientists for boosting transmission in optic cables could revolutionise telecommunications.

The optic chip has the potential of revolutionising the way we all function

Professor Dalton
The researchers claim the breakthrough could eliminate download time on the internet. It could also be applied to technologies like aircraft navigation and anti-collision radar in cars.

The polymers have been developed to act as modulators. Modulators form the "bridge" between fibre-optic cables and existing electronic devices - computers, TVs, etc. They translate electrical information into data-packed beams of light.

Optic cables are currently not being used to their full potential because of the poor interface with electronic devices. Organic polymers developed by engineers at the University of Washington and the University of Southern California translate electric signals 10 times faster than current lithium based devices.

Prof Dalton headed the research on the new chip

The researchers have used the polymers to build so-called "optic chips".

They claim these provide such an enormous bandwidth in which to fit information that a single chip measuring little more than a millionth of an inch could handle all a major company's telephone, computer, television and satellite traffic. Yet, crucially, the device requires less than a fraction of a volt of electricity to operate.

Shape shift

Organic polymers are known for their impressive electro-optic capabilities. However, until now, no-one has been able to make use of them because they generate their own electric fields that clash with one another.

The research team led by Professor Larry Dalton solved this problem by changing the shape of the polymers. This achieved the long-sought goal in opto-electrics: a high bandwidth, polymer modulator device operating below one volt.

"We'll be able to take telephone signals, computer data, TV signals, any type of signal you can think of, put it on fibre optic, route it around the world with almost no optical signal loss, and accomplish this with infinite bandwidth. It has the potential of revolutionising the way we all function," said Professor Dalton.

Fibre optic expert Dr Keith Home agreed the new optic chip was an important development but told BBC News Online: "Speed is critically important in developing optic networks and the new optic chip is certainly a viable solution. But there are still a lot of technical hurdles to overcome. It's also important to recognise that there are alternative technologies such as state of the art semi-conductors."

Dr Home is technical director of organic materials at Corning Inc, an American company that specialises in fibre optic technology.

The research is published in the journal Science.

Now again, why dis Cliff and other people "In the Know" mis pronounce Morgellons Disease? They made it sound like Majellans Disease.....Hmmm...we were all taught from Ms Mary herself and the cult of Slimebusters that there was a hard G in the pronunciation. Hmmm....

Perhaps Majellans is the right way?

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Post by London » Thu Nov 23, 2006 5:41 am

look at this study would you?

When it opens, scroll 3/4 down to # 4.......

# 4


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