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Post by ukguy » Thu Sep 28, 2006 2:00 am

These look like Speculatin's examples again:


Post by ukguy » Thu Sep 28, 2006 2:01 am

and more.................


Post by ukguy » Thu Sep 28, 2006 2:02 am

And finally......................


Post by ukguy » Thu Sep 28, 2006 2:04 am

All the samples shown in my previous image posts can be seen with
the naked eye and are 1-3 millimetres in length on average.

Keep up the great work.....


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Post by gwentass » Thu Sep 28, 2006 2:55 am

Skytroll wrote:I have two x chromosomes, one carries the disease muscular dystrophy, the other does not.

However, the disease is recessive, I do not get it, but, I carrry it.

Thank you for clarifying what you meant. Are you saying there's a possibility that Morgellans, or susceptibility to it, is possibly a recessive genetic trait?

Actually.... it's interesting that you mention Muscular Dystrophy. I honestly don't knoow if there's a connection. While I was searching for information on Morgellans, though, I occasionally came across mentions of other conditions, such as Muscular Dystrophy. Is there maybe a possible connection? I have no idea, of course, but it might be something to look into. Connecting Morgellans scientifically to another condition like that might help more people to accept its existence as fact.

Skytroll wrote:You do not know what a fiber is, so I do not see what you are trying to do here.

I'm assuming you are referring to the fibers that come out of the skin in this disease. I have never seen one in person, but I have been doing research on the internet and have come across several news stories that included pictures of the fibers that a woman saved so she could show her doctor.

As for what I am doing here, I have stated that several times. I want to offer sympathy and encouragement. Morgellans is a disease that is not widely recognized, and that can get frustrating when a doctor won't believe you. As I have stated before, I have gone through a similar experience. For over 20 years, I suffered from an illness that was not widely recognized. My parents, doctors, and so on kept saying I should be able to do things that I wasn't. Now that I know what my illness is, and it has become widely accepted, I understand better why I had problems all those years.

I originally found this forum during the process of doing research for my Anatomy and Physiology class that I am currently taking. We are currently studying the Integumentary System.

Skytroll wrote:I am ashamed that the real truth did not come out in the 60s.

But, you wouldn't remember that.

It's true I wasn't born yet in the 1960's. I'm guessing you might say that learning history (and yes, I have paid attention in history class) doesn't count.

Skytroll wrote:Anyway, we are still looking at the fibers here, and the little critter that seems to work with it.

Did you know the Trichinella can destroy muscle fibers? Might actually be the cause of the protein, or fiber that leaves the muscle, Dystrophin that leaves the body when the worm nests inside it.

See if you can figure that one out?

Figure out what one out? Hey, I'm easily confused here. :D Are you saying that the Trichinella, or something similar, might be the cause of Morgellans? That seems like a reasonable possibility.


Sabrina wrote:I have video footage of the fibers being pulled directly out of the epidermis. I have personally shown many health care professionals, including physicians, that are responsible for my care this very footage. They don’t deny it either because so far everyone who has viewed this footage can see it too.

It is good to hear (well, ok, read) that you have been able to record the fibers. That is a big step in proving to skeptics that yes, it actually is a physical phenomenon, and not 'imaginary'. In a way, you are blessed that there are physically, visually, recordably obvious symptoms. I can't say enough how much I admire the strength and tenacity you obviously have in pursuing recognition and treatment of Morgellans.

Sabrina wrote:To All,

I see we have some new visitors. This is good! Please do not fall into the trap but press on, it is working again!

Uh oh.... (as I'm looking around for traps, a little paranoid at times, myself) Which trap? :wink:

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Post by gwentass » Thu Sep 28, 2006 3:00 am

ukguy wrote:Sabrina...very well said (with regards to Ms Bione). The same can be said of the Mwatch crew with Marg and his two henchmen. I find it highly suspicious that people like this would have such curiosity in this condition without ever showing compassion. Surely people of such intellect would have more fulfilling or challenging pursuits than arguing with a bunch of 'delusional' people? :wink:

I'm starting to figure out that this "mwatch" thing must be a group of people that posted in the pages I haven't read...

Oh, as for the arguing with 'delusional' people.... what makes you think they (the 'people of such intellect') aren't actually delusional themselves? :lol:

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Re: they see it, they believe it but they still won't treat

Post by SarahBione » Thu Sep 28, 2006 3:11 am

Sabrina wrote:I have way more to say to Sarah than I ever had to say to Randy. :D I still love you Randy so don’t get jealous but Sarah wants a bit of my attention right now. I am happy to oblige.

Sabrina, I sincerely do not desire your attention. I posted on this board to counteract your continued misinformation about a study for which I worked. That's all.

Sabrina wrote:You still did not answer my question. I ask again, have you ever interviewed a victim in person and watched this expel directly from their skin? Yes or no?

No. And if it was possible to watch "this" expel from someone's skin, a video would capture that and be undeniable proof. I don't think that's too much to ask for.

Sabrina wrote:You actively sought out information of a personal and medical nature which also included physical specimens from a group of people who were, and are actively seeking medical treatment for a condition that displays evidence of symptoms of the Fiber Disease.

This is not true, again. I sought information about people who were experiencing unidentified insect parasites. No bugs, no issue.

Sabrina wrote:Have you not realized yet that by doing this you have in fact studied the Fiber Disease?
Sabrina wrote:Fibers are not insects, so I realize that in doing this I have not studied the "fiber disease."

Sabrina wrote:When you targeted the Morgellons community to solicit information for your “study” what was your intention? To study bugs, DP, or Morgellons?

Again, not true. "Morgellons" was never a target population. Unidentified skin parasites of insect nature were primary, DP came with the deal.

Sabrina wrote:Because of the way in which you presented yourself to this group it lead the Morgellons community to believe that you were going to hopefully at least attempt to try to solve at least some of this medical mystery. Shame on you!
Sabrina wrote:
Because of the way that you interpreted and continually added your own agenda to our research, that is the problem. No shame needed.

Sabrina wrote: Many people, including myself find this extremely cruel and very unprofessional which is why you have people calling you such names as b_i_c_t_h. You have no doubt earned that title.

Show me in what ways I have been extremely cruel and unprofessional and have deserved these titles, and I'll be happy to discuss them with you.

Sabrina wrote:My question to you is this, if you did not rule out this clinical condition with the participants of your study, then what kind of study did you perform in reality? :? Would you even know?

"Morgellons" is easily ruled out since it is "fibers" not bugs. I don't see anything complicated about that, or any possible confounds from this activity.

Sabrina wrote:I have done way better than that Sarah! Do you take me for some kind of idiot? I have video footage of the fibers being pulled directly out of the epidermis.

Have you tried putting it on youtube to share? If it's undeniable, then, there you go. I don't see any problem in this.

Sabrina wrote:Perhaps I have in deed overestimated your status, influence, and any assumed obligatory considerations for any morality and values you are obviously lacking in. Sorry, that won’t happen again.

I believe you indeed overestimate my status-- I was a lab grunt. Tell me in what ways I have showed lack of morality or values, and again, we can discuss.

Sabrina wrote:We have not studied this enough to know for certain, but many people including some doctors, have good reason to speculate that this has a long latency period. Please take good notice of any skin symptoms that may develop, yours may turn out to be the first case that we can document that may be able to provide some real insight to this area. 8) 8) 8)

Then what good will ten minutes do? I'm not interested in meeting strangers, even if you are willing to fly or drive to where I live and take me out for lunch. That's very gracious, but no thanks. And you can chalk up my refusal to meet with you as "fear" that's fine, but allegedly, I'm already infected, and can see your videos, so take from that what you will, it's inconsequential to me.

Sabrina wrote: Please get a life for Christ sake, and get yourself some help for your sadistic and antisocial tendencies!

I refer to my above comment, that please, when you show me my sadistic and antisocial tendencies, we can discuss this together.

Still no way of showing how my posting here has shown me uncompassionate nor unprofessional. I'm happy to discuss this with you, but again, Sabrina, it was your commenting that used my name that popped up in my Google Alerts and brought me here to dispel your misinformation. That's all.

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Post by Skytroll » Thu Sep 28, 2006 3:28 am


thanks for those pictures. Over at the other place the person posting her pictures, was into the investigation of C. Pulmoni. The Lung Worm. Now, I also found that, this worm has a filarial stage. Now, whether the black fibers are dead filarial, I do not know, but this lung worm can be transported as juveniles by pilobolus, which grows all over. Comes from cow poop., horses, wild animals, etc.
Many elk are getting it where the pods are called artillary, and they are black. Looking some more at that, not much info on that particular worm, but have found more on other worms, similar the Strongyloids. Keep coming back to the Schistos though.

However, some of yours look like maybe mutated zebra fish, fish, not zebra muscles, however the zebra muscles harbor the Schistos.

Some of yours look like they have eyes, or are those the rolled up black fibers? Can you tell?


I meant by the dystrophin leaving the body in muscular dystrophy. The cause for the muscle wasting in Duchenne's M. D. could be the trichinella worm.

Seems Morgellons is caused by a worm, however we do think there is some sort of vector. Now, that vector could be a bacteriophage, gnat, midge, phorid fly, fly, parasitoid bee, with wolbachia genomed in, we have no idea.

Modified worm? modified diptera? Carrying wolbachia, BT or other? Who knows. Until evidence of any DNA other than our own is found, then we will keep chopping at the peer reviewed scientific papers that seem to keep this well hidden with all the flowery DNA talk.

But, something is causing this, just like something caused MD. Could the muscle fibers (protein - dystrophin) have any connection to that Trichinella worm, found in pigs? Something caused a mutation on a Human gene to put this in our family.

Now, if trichinella is allowed to form a nurse cell in the muscle, it will deplete the muscle of protein and muscle fiber. Now, are those fibers leaving our body, in other words are they nerve fibers? are they muscle fibers?

At some point our DNA was attacked.

This is where we need to go.

Sarcoiditis and TB, relationship? I do not know. Does anyone?

I know Morgellons lead to sarcoiditis and/or ALS.

So, in ALS, the neuromuscular junction is crossed and/or attacked.

So, to prevent that from happening we need to find what attacked the neuromuscular junction.

We know studies are being done concerning actin.
I need to become more familiar with this. Much molecular work being done in the biomed field.

Now, if vectors can transpose DNA to other species, it will also do the same to us, if the DNA, like in Homeobox genes are similar. For instance, certain genes in the drosophila fly, the mouse, the zebra fish, yeast, e-coli are similar or have same genes that we have. Studies in Homeobox genes
have come up with ways to infiltrate, with vectors, that are not necessarily bugs. They can be carried on nanofibers, nanobots, buckyballs, which has Carbon 60 and/or in drugs that can alter our DNA.

So, there I go, but, science has not been very forthcoming, only experimental lately. What if the investigators are missing something? What if they do not realize what they just let pass and created was a disease, or diseases and/or viruses by way of bacteriophage, that mutates our DNA and creates a reaction from the host? How will that reaction be treated? They would have no idea.

Oh, well off my box, was out of box on top of it, still jumping up and down though.


Many experiments in this is being done.

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Post by Skytroll » Thu Sep 28, 2006 3:42 am

Sarah Bione,

Would a modified bug have been diagnosed in your study? I know you didn't study bacteria, but, could a genetically altered bug with two sets of wings, or
extra legs or even microbes growing around them, or a half eaten bug been identified in your study?

I am not being sarcastic here, just wondered how deep that study was.

If it was just bugs as the only comparison, then I can understand that your study was not as indepth as we think.

However, did you just say you are infected with what we have? Were you infected before or after your study? I hope we didn't give it to you by sending our samples.


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Post by SarahBione » Thu Sep 28, 2006 4:15 am

Skytroll wrote:Sarah,

Most people who go into psychology, do need psychological help themselves. In fact, it is recommended

Sky, I totally agree, but would take it a step further that pretty much everyone could benefit from a good session. I don't think psychologists are prone to mental health issues-- in fact, I think there is a statistic somewhere that classical music composers are most prone.

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Post by SarahBione » Thu Sep 28, 2006 4:26 am

Skytroll wrote:Would a modified bug have been diagnosed in your study? I know you didn't study bacteria, but, could a genetically altered bug with two sets of wings, or
extra legs or even microbes growing around them, or a half eaten bug been identified in your study?

The things that make a bug inherently a bug are things that are inalienable even with genetic modification. "Bug" is a technical term, but the study was about arthropods in general, but let's talk insects, which includes "bugs." For something to be an insect, it has a segmented body and an exoskeleton. The body must be a head, thorax, and abdomen. Insects can have eight legs, like mites, or just six legs, like grasshoppers.

Mutations occur in nature and in laboratories. But a laboratory that caused a mutation in an insect to say, have more legs, or a paticular species to have fewer wings, would still be identifiable as a bug. Just like how cats are genetically altered to have less fur, or no fur, you can still tell it's a cat.

Microbes are extremely tiny. Everything is covered with billions of them. You can still tell your hand is a hand, though you are covered with microbes, and you can similarly tell that an insect is an insect, even though they are covered with microbes too.

As for having "morgellons," no, I don't have it. I was trying to make the point that "morgellons" being contagious through short spurts of contact is improbable, because I've apparently been exposed to many many hours of samples of "morgellons" and haven't seen any physical changes except for bags under my eyes.

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Answers at last

Post by Systemic » Thu Sep 28, 2006 5:24 am

topic finite zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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