Androgen and oestrogen deficiency or inhibition

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Androgen and oestrogen deficiency or inhibition

Post by Infotropism » Fri Aug 29, 2008 11:50 pm

Hello all.

I would like to discuss this topic of oestrogen and androgen deficiency, and gather some information about it.

Besides their effects on sexual characteristics, their development and sexual regulation, what are the other effects of androgens and oestrogens ?
Such an example could be the link between osteoporosis and age-related oestrogen decline.

There are also documented cases of people having deficiencies in either androgens and oestrogens, or maybe even both, for instance in some diseases such as Kallmann's syndrome (although I am unsure both are totally lacking in this case), or caused by specific medication, such as gonadal steroids antagonists.

My question is, are there good documented cases of people totally lacking all gonadal steroids, through natural or artificial causes, and possibly scientific, or clinical studies of such cases ? I am interested in cases starting both before and after puberty, though the latter interests me more.

More precisely, I would be interested in knowing the complete panel of effects such a lack could have on an otherwise healthy subject, on the medium and long term. Would such a case even be possible, viable in theory ? What defects or health issues could arise in such a case ? Or in close, related cases where one class of gonadal steroid is lacking, and the others are deficient as well ?

The complete case is more interesting to me as lack of either oestrogens, or androgens, in either women, or men, is fairly well documented and accessible, while the lack of both seems much rarer, but also much more interesting and different as many side effects of androgen or oestrogen deficiencies in male and females stem from the imbalanced ratio of those, and as a result there is an androgenisant effect in females in the case of oestrogen deficiency, and vice versa for the male. If none is present, one would expect those effects to be absent, for instance.

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