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Post by BDDVM » Tue May 31, 2011 12:36 am

I would take this source with a great deal of skepticism. Any statement that implies a directionality toward "higher organisms" inherent in evolution shows a basic misunderstanding of the process of evolution.
No direction, no higher/lower. Like wikipedia apparently it's a good source for common misconceptions.
The appearence of a progress in evolution is an artifact of geologic time, as well as our own biases and hubris.
The earliest organisms lived in the only niches that were available. These organisms created niches for new organisms to eat them. The niches could get more complicated therefore the organisms that could occupy these new niches could get more complicated.
If the world were to suddenly get less complicated the direction of evolutionwould be toward less complicated organisms. This is not the same as reversing the direction of evolution since it never was going toward any goal to begin with.

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Re: Blind faith

Post by canalon » Tue May 31, 2011 3:23 am

The poster of the link being the geologist with the fixing gaze, I suspect that you might have difficulty to prevent him believing in what he writes. I read a little more, and I can say that I hope that he knows better about mineral than biology.
And I must had that when knol was launched it was advertised as superior to wikipedia because it would be wikilike plus reviewwed by experts. I went (on that link), I saw (the content of that link) and I .... well am concerned abou knol's usefulness or it's review quality.

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