Body's electrical current

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Post by JackBean » Fri Apr 16, 2010 9:04 am

have you ever been on any operation?

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Post by lizap0405 » Fri Apr 16, 2010 9:12 am

I am currently experiencing some rashes due to allergies of eating chicken. But then it is just only the first time for the past 37 years. Also, I saw some small spots in my legs. Is this a sign of Liver cancer?

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Post by mith » Sat Apr 17, 2010 6:35 am

that's quite a leap.
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Re: Body's electrical current

Post by randomheart » Fri Dec 24, 2010 7:57 pm

I'm kinda new at this online discussion, but am approching craziness. In four years I went through [spam] phones. I've never dropped one or gotten one wet, but they quit working properly. I can't imagine a $500 phone would be so crappy, and I know of other people who never have problems with theirs.
I complained enough to Verizon and they suggested trying a Blackberry Storm 2. Now I go through those like underwear. I"m sitting home waiting for the fifth replacement to show up in less than two months. They all seem to have electrical shortages or something. Lately I've been getting a lot of something like electrical reverberation from the speaker. It could easily be the extremely cheap device, or it could be the network, but I think my body is affecting these phones. I'm getting tired of changing over contacts etc to the new devices every few weeks on the average. I just think there's something more than bad luck with receiving defective phones!
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Re: Body's electrical current

Post by Fledgling » Sat Aug 04, 2012 5:31 am

Yes, I have done this too, in fact my doctor's record it because I have an unnatural high flow of electricity in my body that sometimes interferes with my heart and my body and makes me twitch. I do not know anyone else who had such a dangerous level within their body, however, I can give you many answers since my doctor's were forced to deal with this problem.
One is certain types of medication seems to enhance this, for me it was birth control specifically Yasmin.
Second, their is some correlation with high electrical output and feeling extremely passionate emotions (however, I do not know which happens first).
hird, from what I know about it, you should check to see if your Adrenal Cortex is Hyper-function and check your parathyroid hormone levels. These 2 apparently, cause you not to excrete Na+ and can result in the electrical charges you produce not ending as they would in a normal human being. I hope you are lucky and can just have fun with it. However, be careful, it can turn lethal when uncontrolled.

P.S. Be careful with hair dye, you change the chemical composition as certain levels.

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