The general theory of origin of life

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Re: The general theory of origin of life

Post by TheMatrixDNA » Sun May 05, 2013 3:07 pm

Ok, Mr Leonid, I am very happy knowing that someone else is working a better theory of origins, like me. We both had elaborated a general theory and we, both, are written a book. I think it is a great opportunity for us, both, changing ideas, showing results, two brains thinking about the best interpretation of data. I think that we, bot, are after the Truth,only the real Truth, so, we have no motive for competition between theories.

I have read yours website ( I have a website also, if you are interested) and I am surprisingly that it seems we are at the same track, since that we are using two different methods and we are living/researching at two very different places: you at a technical laboratory in Russia and me, at a natural laboratory in Amazon jungle. But, both, are not native speaking English...

I propose a method for beginning our exchanges. You, wisely, had posted several questions that Science should answer about life's phenomena and origins. We could take one by one, answering them and after that, debating the answers. The first questions you put are about space and vast cosmological phenomena, which I suggest is not the target related to life. So I will copy here the first question, answering it and waiting yours answer. Ok?

1 Question) - - What is the relationship between the structure of space and DNA and RNA structures?

Louis Morelli: - Since that I think space is merely a human concept about distances and sizes of material substances/bodies, I will take this question as: "What is the relationship between the material structures dispersed at Cosmological space and DNA/RNA structures? Then,... the relationship is same evolutionary lineage, plus same and unique process of natural's systems cycle.

So, biological DNA was produced direct from a mutation occurred in the non-biological "Matrix/DNA" of the last more evolved non-biological system that were existing at the time of biological DNA emergency, which was the astronomical galactic system. Since that this "matrix" is unknown by you, I will advance briefly that you need see the model at my website, which is the resume of all informations related to the process by which appears the seven different kinds of astronomical bodies, like planet, star, pulsar, comet, moon quasar, black hole. Under evolutionary process biological DNA is the species of universal systems resulting from complexity applied over astronomical DNA and under life's cycle process DNA is resulting shape of an ancestor that was miniaturized nannotecnologically like any adult man is miniaturized inside chromosomas. The extraordinary mutation from astronomical system is due this system was formed only with the gaseous and solid states of matter, while its " offspring" biological DNA was formed at an environment containing the two states plus the liquid state (water), which produced the evolution of physics process to chemistry processes.

(Is it possible to understand something in this way?)

Answer from Leonid: - (?)

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Re: The general theory of origin of life

Post by leniel » Mon May 06, 2013 7:55 pm

Thanks for the question, Louis. I have reviewed your site. You raise a large and interesting questions, and you came very close to the truth. Especially in parts of the matrix and the natural intelligent system. In the book, I detail describe the matrix of space, and to show "how it happens" on atomic level. But I will not sharpen the focus on the mental side of life, so as not to scare readers of true. For this, planned second book, in which will set out the second part of single philosophical concept. If you have a desire and you feel the strength "to face the truth," then I can invite you to write the second part in collaboration. The first book, without second part, is overflowing by new discoveries. New "The theory of space" allows to understand and describe the long series of physical phenomena on a single platform. Trajectory of movement electrons and the lightning, the mechanism of gravitational attraction, the nature and structure of the force fields (electric and magnetic), the structure of the atomic nucleus, the nature and mechanism of formation of atomic orbitals, the formation of the wave-properties of light and matter, the phenomena of diffraction and interference (including the two-slit experiment), and etc. Quantum mechanics will be know the nature of Feynman integrals (the distribution of the trajectories), Heisenberg "principle of uncertainty" will receive new, understandable and rigid frames (and physics-students will stop writing on the walls of toilets: "Probably, there was Heisenberg").
The emergence of the material life - is one of the peaks (and crowns) in the multifaceted activities of space. The mechanism of the emergence of new forms of life is very simple, it never stops, and happening now, is the current time. The process of the origin of life is operates and there exists a parallel with the process of evolution, and independent of it. Otherwise, how can you explain the emergence of entirely new forms of viruses, bacteria and other pioneers on our planet? It is possible that the processes of evolution and the origin are overlaping in some places, and doing "partial introduction" of new genetic material to the existing body of the carrier. Are needed tests, direct experiments, but I do not have access to modern laboratory (physical, chemical and biological). Therefore, I am forced to describe in the book some of the experiments in the hope, that it will seen interested universities or laboratories that can perform these tasks.
You ask: - What is the relationship between the structure of space and DNA and RNA structures? I answer: - Direct. Grain of space corresponding rank is the direct parent of nucleotides - based on deoxyribose and ribose molecules. The book has a chapter "The nature, mechanism and principle of choice by Nature the molecule of deoxyribose for the DNA construction". In it all painted in detail, from zero to DNA and RNA. Plus DNA features that are not yet known to science. God (or mind) can not directly to change the material world. For this purpose, there is a universal intermediary (medium) - space. Remember the prophecy of the philosopher Plato, via Timaeu's mouth he said: - "So, in my opinion, a short conclusion is next: at the present there is the time, there is the space and there is the appearance, and the three [species] have separately, even before the birth of the sky ..." Now, we just to clarify of this legacy. Without the "Theory of space" all "theory of the origin of life" are exsanguinated (or castrated). We will never get a new "life in vitro," if we do not understand the mechanism the conditions for its origin. "The theory of space" will give for biologists, physicists, chemists, astrophysicists, astrobiologists and other researchers a tool that is as important as a scalpel for surgeon. There is every reason to believe that after the "theory of evolution", the "theory and model of space" will be the next big, full and workable theory in biology. The space is in the same degree "live" as well as any other biological object. I think that this statement will understood and undeniable for all after reading the book.
Publication of the book is scheduled for the summer of 2013. But there is one problem - I can not accurately translate the book from Russian to English. Disseminate such knowledge in one language is not fair to other researchers. Professional translation to English will cost several thousand dollars. Therefore I want to spend the book through one of the crowd-funded platform, for example "Kickstarter" to raise funds for the translation. If this scheme does not work, then the book will be available only in Russian. My philosophical laboratory has the status of "independent," and therefore has not state or other funding. If you come to the conclusion that this book might be interesting and useful for your worldview and activities, then I'll let you know on action start of a subscription to the book. Preliminary title of the book: "The origin of life and space. General theory and universal model".
With best regards, Leonid Chumachenko

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