AEROBIC Respiration

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AEROBIC Respiration

Post by beth78 » Fri Nov 02, 2012 1:01 am

23. How many ATP are produced for every pair of hydrogens on NAD entering the electron transport system?

24. How many ATP are produced for every pair of hydrogens on FAD entering the electron transport system?

25. What specifically is the final hydrogen accepter in aerobic respiration?

26.The last cytochrome in the electron transport system is cytochrome a3. Why is this cytochrome termed cytochrome oxidase?

27. Why is the electron transport system considered a series of oxidation-reduction reactions?

28. Where does the greatest oxidation of glucose take place in aerobic respiration?

22. what is the biochemical pathway of aerobic respiration?
10. With what chemical substances does the intermediate step end?
13. Explain how the intermediate step can be described as the doorway to the citric acid cycle.

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Really? No idea?

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