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Considering Postgraduate

Post by adam89frew » Thu Jun 10, 2010 1:41 am

Hey guys.
I am currently a student at the University of St Andrews studying for my BSc(hons) in Behavioural & Environmental Biology. I will be entering into my 4th and final year in september, and so it is time for me to start seriously thinking about what I am going to be doing after graduation. Although I am Scottish myself, I now live in Adelaide, although obviously I am still in Scotland during term times, and hold residency to Australia. I am decided on doing further study and doing it in australia, however the type of degree and the course i take is something I cannot decide upon.
I wish to have a career in which I use my knowledge and passion for biology yet I am not sure if research is for me. These are the courses which interest me, I would highly appreciate any thoughts on the courses as well as career prospects for them. ... p&map.html ... thlth.html ... t&sterm=25

Or there is also the option of doing a research masters, mostly likely in or around my major area of interest which is plant physiology and evolution.

I am not clear as to what careers actually follow the mentioned postgraduate paths possibilities or what kind of salary they give, so any input, experiences or advice would be a great help.

Thanks in advance

Adam Frew

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