Are Black people physically superior to whites

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Are Black people physically superior to whites

Post by doyouknow » Wed Feb 04, 2009 11:53 pm

ofessional athletes and especially those involved in team sports must operate within highly dynamic and multi-dimensional situational contexts (Vickers, 2007) requiring a very complex set of cognitive skills (see Kioumourtzoglou et al, 1998; Horgan and Tienson, 1992). Often these skills are close in relationship with the kinds of skills that, in the ‘not so distant’ past, helped to make our ancestors successful hunter and gathers. Why is this relevant, one might ask? Well, hunting is assumed to have been in practice for 99% of human prehistory and is thus believed to have provided the ‘master behavior pattern’ of the human species (Herlin, 2003). Intelligence in the past was never a measure of one’s academic aptitude or potential for formal schooling, but was instead a measure of one’s potential for real life survival, and often this survival depended on the same kind intelligences and abilities employed by athletes during competition. Formal schooling of the kind familiar to most living in the West today did not become a part of people’s everyday lives until the early 20th century.

In 1973 while 11.1 per cent of the United States population was black, about a quarter of all major league baseball players, a third of all pro football players and two thirds of all pro basketball players were black (Scully, 1973). Black players also appeared to earn more than white players in these sports (ibid), which would suggest a superior athlete. In more recent years it has been shown that while African Americans make up approximately 12.5% of the American population, they comprise nearly 79 per cent of pro Basketball players, close 67 per cent of pro football players and are dramatically overrepresented among professional boxing champions and other professional athletes.

Studies of reaction time in athletes and non athletes generally find athletes to out perform non athletes in these tasks. Reaction time is believed to be a good indicator of performance in sports (Kaur et al, 2006). This may explain why Blacks athletes can be found overrepresented in many of the world’s most highly selective high performance sports (e.g. Football and Basketball). Kaur et al (2006), found quicker reaction times in athletes as compared to control groups, and attributed this to improved concentration, alertness, better muscular co-ordination and improved performance in speed and accuracy tasks among athletes (Kaur et al, 2006). Kamin (1995) reported that in tasks of choice reaction time, blacks in 2 out of three studies out performed white individuals.

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Post by biohazard » Thu Feb 05, 2009 7:12 am

Heh, just look who dominate sprint, long distance, jumping, football, basketball, <insert your favourite sport> ... the answer looks quite obvious :))

Oh, in ice hockey black people still suck, so at least we white men still have one sport in which to boast our supremacy!

(on a more serious note, the higher than normal % of black people in many sports also is due to other factors, such as the family background: e.g. in soccer many black players, especially non-European, come from poor conditions, where playing soccer is one of the only ways to get better life. But I don't think this phenomenom contributes to more than a percent or two in the statistics)

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