Digestive system superhero

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Digestive system superhero

Post by Dzenis » Tue Jan 27, 2009 3:39 am

Well I just got an assignment in science class =/ I thought it sounded pretty cool, until I heard the actual gayness of it...

I'm suppose to make a paragraph similar to the Superman format (below), with a Digestive System Superhero. Well I got Bile (I think it breaks down fat), and I gotta make a paragraph using the format (below). So, I would be really excited to do this kind of thing, except there's a fking prompt I have to follow >.< So yeah I kind of need help...

_Fill in the Blanks_

___(verb)___ than a ___(noun)__
More ___(adjective)___ than a ___(noun)___
Able to ___(catchy description of simple definition or function)

Look!! __(location)___!!!!!
It's a ___(noun)___?? It's a __(noun)__??
It's a ___(noun-for me, BILE)

Yeah I pretty much copied that from the paper... here's an example (copied)

Faster than a speeding bullet.
More powerful than a locomotive.
Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.

Look! Up in the sky!
It's a bird. It's a plane. It's Superman! (like zomg)

Yes it's Superman - strange visitor from another planet who came to earth with powers and ..... (ridiculously long paragraph that I do not feel like typing)

So yes that's pretty much what I have to do. I'm not feeling creative at all so I would like you guys to help me out =D I don't really want to take this seriously, wanna have some silly stuff in there to piss her off.
Like for the first lines I wrote,
Faster than a speeding snail.
More powerful than a bucket of feces.
Able to blast the fat right out of food particles in a single shot.

Well the last one was kind of not silly but yeah.... please help me out guys =) Show your creativity! Even though I can't =/

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