Illustrator looking to change careers

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Illustrator looking to change careers

Post by Halmp » Wed Sep 03, 2008 2:53 pm

Hello everyone,
I'm in an interesting predicament. I just graduated with a BFA in Illustration. I love art, but have come to realize that I'm missing something. Specifically, I haven't exercised the academic part of my brain in over 4 years and despite my passion for art I feel I would be much happier with a career in Marine Biology or Ecology(not sure yet). This is frustrating as I'm 22 and have devoted the last four years of my life to something that I can not see myself being happy doing in the long run.

I've always been interested in biology; in High School I participated in the Cocheco River Watershed program, looking into various ways to battle variable-leaf milfoil in the Cocheco River, and also spent 3 years on the National Ocean Sciences Bowl team for my school. Regardless at the time I decided to only apply to art schools, thinking this was what I most wanted.

I'm taking a year to work on making some money and figure out where I want to go, but I'm certain if I don't go back to school sooner rather than later I will regret it for the rest of my life. I've been looking into schools and I was hoping I could get some advice on how best to go about doing this. I'm hoping to get in-state tuition in the Boston Area or in New Hampshire. I know it wouldn't be feasible for me to go back full-time either and be able to pay off my loans in the next 100 years. I'm prepared to accept this will take a long time and I will eventually come out of this with a Bachelors of science and then work on a Masters. I want to eventually be working in the field and then have the opportunity to also work on art on the side and potentially be a a scientific illustrator as well, but my main goal is to be a biologist.

Do you have any suggestions on how to best go about redirecting my life? And would anyone know any schools I should look into in the metro-Boston area or New Hampshire? I could potentially look into the NYC area as well, but preferably not. Preferably with low-tuition costs considering how many loans I still have. I don't want to sacrifice my education, however, for a cheap tuition. I've been mostly considering UNH, as I've heard encouraging things about their College of Life Sciences and Agriculture, but I'd really like to hear from professionals their opinions and suggestions. Anything at all would really be helpful, even encouragement.

I look forward to reading posts and articles and hope to stay a member of this forum for quite some time. It looks like a great community! Oh, and I apologize for the incredible length of this post.
Thank you!

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Post by mith » Sat Sep 06, 2008 9:33 pm

If you're passionate about it, schools won't really matter. The guy who won the nobel prize for bio did work on knock-out mice...he studied to be a vet.
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