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- Widening access to tertiary education for women in Ghana

Olivia Adwoa Tiwaah Frimpong KWAPONG

University of Ghana

Institute of Adult Education

Accra, GHANA


Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education-TOJDE October 2007 ISSN 1302-6488 Volume: 8 Number: 4 Article.



Distance education (DE) has emerged as a tool for widening access to higher education for women. All over the world, gender disaggregated data on education has shown that compared to their male counterparts women have attained low level of formal education. Several reasons have attributed to this low level of formal education among women. The unique characteristics of DE as bringing education to the door step of people makes it critical for bridging the gender gap in education, especially at the tertiary level.

Recognising the need to make tertiary education highly accessible to the Ghanaian population, the Government of Ghana proposed over a decade ago to promote DE in the country. The DE programmes in Ghana has given opportunity to mainly teachers and other public and private workers to engage in work and study. This in no doubt is contributing to manpower development of the workforce in the country.

In view of the uniqueness of DE in providing access to formal education for women, this article seeks to discuss how the potential of DE could be harnessed to bridge the gender gap in education at the tertiary level in Ghana. In doing this, the first part of the write-up will assess the tertiary education challenge in the country, and review literature on the DE concept. The issues to consider in the process of using DE to promote formal education among women will also be discussed. This will be followed by an analysis of field data on women's participation in DE and make recommendations on the use of DE to increase access to tertiary education for women in Ghana.

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