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VTT develops one-step drug test

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has developed an inexpensive one-step drug test method that can instantly detect abuse of medicine, drugs and doping substances. The test instantly and accurately gives the results e.g. from a saliva sample. The test is unique internationally, as it enables the detection of similar substances accurately and simultaneously.

The test sample can consist of e.g. blood, saliva or urine. Also food supplies, goods in process or samples from the environment can be tested to see whether they contain e.g. dangerous hormonal compounds or toxins. The test can measure several different compounds in one single sample. The drug test can show the possible abuse of the most common drugs. It is also well suitable for e.g. traffic control.

The most important part in the test, developed by VTT, is the antibodies which are produced with a new method from bacteria. Thanks to the test, there is no need to produce antibodies in animals anymore. The method enables the production of antibodies against dangerous and poisonous substances to the system, fast and inexpensively.

The drug test has been tested with morphine. A saliva sample is placed into a test tube containing required antibodies and other chemicals. The test tube is shaken and analyzed immediately. The morphine test is designed not to detect morphine analogs such as codeine and heroin. Positive test result will be verified with blood test required by law.

VTT is looking for interested parties into collaboration. This new method is patent pending and will be available for product development.

Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT). January 2004.

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