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Phenol can be found at high levels in the traffic area, therefore, …

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Results and Discussion
- Urine Phenol Level Among Healthy Subjects In Urban Area


A total of 30 healthy subjects (all males) were included into this study. The average (mean ± SD) phenol concentration among these subjects was 7.4 ± 2.2 mg/g of urine creatinine.


Phenols are among the highest-volume chemicals in production [ 3]. International organizations such as Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) [ 1] have documented phenol toxicity and recommend the monitoring of phenol exposure for groups at risk. The toxicity includes CNS depression and other symptoms such as skin burns, nausea, profuse sweating [ 1].

In exposure- and risk- evaluation, the monitoring of phenol by peripheral biomarker has several advantages over technical assessment of exposure. The urine methyl hippuric level is an acceptable peripheral biomarker for phenol exposure [ 1]. It was concluded that the phenol can be used for crude phenol exposure categorizations.

Phenol is an important contamination in traffic fume [ 3]. High phenol exposure among the population living in the urban area of big city can be expected. Here, the author studied the urine phenol level among healthy subjects in urban area in Bangkok. We recommend that annual check up and monitoring for phenol exposure among the people living in the area with traffic jam should be set as primary prevention of occupational – related toxicity for them.

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