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Thawing Cells


Standard protocol for thawing of cells. Make sure it is suitable for your specific cell-type.


  • Chilled medium
  • 37 degree water-bath


  • Chill medium in ice-bath
  • Thaw cells in a 37 degree water-bath until only small pieces of ice remain.
  • Place tube with cells immediately on ice
  • Transfer cells to a centrifuge tube
  • Wash tube with cells a couple of times to make sure that all cells have been transfered to the new tube.
  • Centrifugate for a couple of minutes at 1000 rpm
  • Remove supernatant and resuspend cells in medium
  • Plate cells

Anticipated Results

This protocol has worked well in my hands with good viability of the cells. However, thawing of cells always lead to some cell death but this can be minimized by always keeping th cells cool during the thawing process.

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