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- Stomatal patterning in angiosperms

Stomatal patterning in angiosperms1

Judith L. Croxdale2,0

0 Department of Botany, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin 53706 USA

Received for publication November 5, 1999. Accepted for publication April 20, 2000.

My thesis is that understanding stomatal patterning requires a holistic perspective. Since stomata are structures critical to the survival of terrestrial plants, they need to be viewed in relation to their function and their interface with other structural components. With this outlook, I begin by discussing pattern types, means of measuring them, advantages of each type of measurement, and then present patterning from evolutionary, physiological, ecological, and organ views. I suggest areas where I believe profitable studies might enable us to better understand stomatal patterning. The final sections of the paper review stomatal patterning on angiosperm leaves and present a theory of patterning. With the abundance of molecular information, and coming genomic sequences and new tools, an opportunity exists to dissect the process of how cells are selected to become different from their neighbors and assume a fate critical to plant survival. Understanding this biological process at the molecular level requires comprehending the broad base on which stomatal patterning rests.

Key Words: angiosperms • distribution • evolution • organ form • physiology • stomata • theory

Source: American Journal of Botany. 2000;87:1069-1080.

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