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Soft drink seemed to improve the effects of an anticancer drug, study shows

Who would think that a sweet beverage can enhance the efficacy of an anticancer drug?

Recently, studies were conducted to asses the possible role of a popular lemon-lime soft drink in patients taking oral anticancer medication.

Researchers reported that based on their experiments, the results were encouraging. They seem to indicate enhanced absorption of oral anticancer drug in cancer-stricken patients.

The study was conducted on an artificial stomach, the glass-and-plastic device that can show how drugs and foods dissolve through the gastrointestinal tract. Compound X, a term ascribed to the yet to be named anticancer drug, was combined with Capsitol. The latter is a substance that aids in improving the solubility of drug compounds.

The problem with some oral medications is the differing survival (hence, effectivity) of the drug that passes through the acidic stomach.

Different individuals may have different stomach acidity that can chiefly reduce the efficacy of drugs taken orally. This is what was observed with oral intake of Compound X for treatments. It appears that different patients have differing absorbing capacities for the drug.

Hence, scientists such as Faraj Atassi and colleagues do find more ways to develop a more effective anticancer regimen. Led by Atassi, the research team is on their initial success in finding a novel strategy to enhance absorption of the said drug.

They showed that taking in of a "flat" or "degassed" Sprite seemed to control the acidity of the stomach thereby allowing increased absorption of the drug into the body. The results were promising that they would continue with their research to see if it would be best to recommend in the future that cancer patients take the drug orally with Sprite.

The full content of their study would be found in the scientific journal, ACS' Molecular Pharmaceutics.


~ Edited and adapted by Vicki Mozo

from the news release, "Soft drink could enhance effects of an anticancer drug"

published on 14 Oct. 2010 by American Chemical Society


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