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- Poxvirus Bioinformatics Resource Center: a comprehensive Poxviridae informational and analytical resource

The PBRC website is provided by a Microsoft Windows 2003 serverrunning Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS). The userinterface is provided through a combination of Active ServerPages running server-side Visual Basic script, client-side JavaScriptand HTML. SQL Server database access is provided through MicrosoftActiveX Data Objects. The starting point for access to all databases and tools availablefrom the PBRC is the PBRC home page at menu is displayed along the top of the page and appropriateclicking on a menu link brings up a submenu that provides accessto individual web query tools and/or applications. The Datamenu provides access to search forms that provide user-specifiedqueries for genome, gene and sequence data (Figures 1 and 2).Analytical tools are provided through another series of submenusand provide access to a series of analytical and visualizationtools (Figure 3). In addition to the main menu and context-sensitivesubmenu, a menu near the bottom of the page provides accessto PBRC organizational information such as descriptions of thepeople and teams involved in the work, acknowledgements anda form to provide user feedback. At the very bottom of the formwe provide a Google-supported search form.

In general, available web pages can be categorized as follows:

  1. Informational: Static text such as help files, biographicalinformation or meeting announcements.
  2. Forms: Pages that provideuser input for data queries.
  3. Tabular results: Pages displayingdata in tables.
  4. Graphical results: Pages displaying data resultsas figures.
  5. Links: Pages providing access to other pages.
  6. Applets: Small Java-based applications for data analysis andvisualization that are available from within a user's web browser.
  7. Applications: More comprehensive Java-based analytical applicationsthat can be run from a web page using Java Web Start, or downloadedto a user's workstation and run as a stand-alone application.


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