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The Philippine Environmental Condition

Deforestation poses the most direct threat to the remarkable biodiversity of the Phillipines. Largely due to loss of habitat ,more than 380 animals species are threatened or endangered. The clearing of forests also contributed to soil erosion,a serious problem in the Phillipines due to heavy monsoon rains. Because of this, plant and animals species are disappearing from the earth at an alarming rate,and the human activity is largely responsible.

Species extinction of the geological past were caused by cataclysmic physical disasters such as climate changes or meteorite impacts which destroyed and disrupted ecosystems around the globe and the human transformation of the earth's surface trhreatens to be every bit as destructive as any of the past catalysmic physical disaters.

Water pollution has damaged the fragile marine ecosystems of the country's coastal wetlands,mangrove,swamps,and coral reefs,which is mainly caused by the undisciplinary disposal of waste of the people living nearby the riverbanks,and other bodies of water.

Air pollution is another environmental concern primarily here in Manila.The factories and other refineries continue producing harmful gases that harm the health of the people,there are also millions of cars that largely contibute in polluting the air.

Last September 26,2009 we encountered a tragic event that turn our life upside down. A typhoon named Ondoy brought so much rain in the country. And according to PAGASA(Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical Astronomical Services Administration) the rain that typhoon Ondoy brought us is equivalent to a one-month rain fall. This event alarmed the whole country and declared that we are under the State of Calamity. About just an hour the riverbanks, seas and dams overflowed and reached and washed away the houses,cars,establishments,and even innocent lives....

This tragedy will always reminds us how much we abused our environment. This is a nightmare that we will never forget.

I hope that this will serve as a lesson to every one of us that we must love and care our mother nature because if we dont do that we will die here in the planet.


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