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The Perfect Prawn?


Could it be that science has ultimately found a way to breed the perfect prawn? The average industry productivity for farmed prawns is five tonnes per hectare. The new prawns produced an average of 12.8 tonnes per hectare in 2009. (See image. Image credit: CSIRO) 

A group of scientists from CSIRO from Australia claimed to have bred an improved Black Tiger prawn. The prawns have already been recognized by receiving five gold medals at the Sydney Royal Easter Show, which includes the highest recognition "Champion of Show".

How did they do it?

The CSIRO's research team shared that they used DNA technology in breeding the "perfect prawn".  Accordingly, they chose only the best among the Black Tiger prawn stocks that have been produced naturally and then improve their features every breeding season. 

An impressive yield

Now partnering with Gold Cost Marine Aquaculture, the CSIRO was able to achieve this year an average of 17.5 tonnes for every hectare, which has doubled compared to the previous average production.  A world record-breaking yield of 24.2 tonnes per hectare was also reached one time. "The new prawn's yield has exceeded all our expectations. The average industry productivity for farmed prawns is only five tonnes per hectare, so this year's average yield of 17.5 tonnes per hectare is a major leap forward," said Dr. Nigel Preston, leader of the CSIRO Food Futures Flagship prawn research project.


Dr. Preston is pleased with the positive outcome of their project. He said that the great thing about their breeding program is the potential to be replicated every year and therefore could revolutionize the local and international prawn farming industry.  "These huge yields can be replicated year after year which means consistent supply of a reliable and high quality product -- all vital factors for the long-term growth and prosperity of the Australian prawn farming industry," Dr. Preston said.

Happy partnership

Nick Moore, the general manager of Gold Coast Marine Aquaculture, is pleased with their partnership with CSIRO. "Thanks to outstanding work by the staff here, aided by close collaboration with our partners at CSIRO, we have just finished a prawn breeding season that can only be described as staggering," he said.   

Mr. Moore assured some of the best features of their prawns. He said, "... the prawns have no reduction in the quality or taste and grown in a specially designed, environmentally sustainable production system. This production system and the new breeds have produced a perfect prawn with beautifully textured meat, rich colour, robust size and a great taste."


~ by Vicki Mozo

Aarticle adapted from a press release from CSIRO Australia entitled "Is this the perfect prawn?" (June 28, 2010)  

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