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Web interface
- The MPI Bioinformatics Toolkit for protein sequence analysis

Currently, 30 bioinformatics tools and utilities can be launchedfrom the MPI Bioinformatics Toolkit (Table 1). All tool sectionsare accessible from a tabbed menu bar located at the top ofthe page (Figure 1). Each tab reveals a submenu containing thesection-specific tools, an overview page with brief descriptionsfor each tool and a list of selected links. Located on the leftof the screen is a sidebar pane that holds a status and section-codedlist of all recent jobs in the current session. One can clickon previously submitted jobs to check their status and viewtheir results. Users can also choose their own job names toorganize their work. Each tool has a separate input page witha web form, in which the user can input sequence data, uploadsequence files, and specify options.


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