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The authors have used non-laying and laying hens (Lohmann Brown), in order …

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- Morphogenesis of a Tunica Mucosa of Oviduct of the Hens

Morphology of oviduct of the hens, not looking on numerous attempts of research of this body (Warren & Scott 1935;Kubar, 1957; Krok, 1962;Aitken, 1963;Traynis, 1968; Stoljarovae? al., 1979; Manukhina et. al., 1983; Czareva, 1990; Stepina, 1997; Yoshimura & Ogawa, 1998), remains investigated not full. In the large contribution to study of reproductive system of birds have brought (Morris, 1985; Baturevich, 1966; Grasgof, 1966; Schwarz, 1967; Karapetyan, 1962; Mamura, 1976; Follet & Farner, 1966; Fuyii, 1981;Aupov, 1987).

As observed, no work concerning morphology of the hen's oviduct in interval from hatching to stopping oviposition was found. Facing this data and the analysis of the literature, we committed ourselves to studying the morphological aspects of the tunica mucosa of the hen's oviduct, during non-laying and laying period.

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