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Investigated if carcinogen defense (phase 2) enzymes could be induced in the prostate …

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- Modest induction of phase 2 enzyme activity in the F-344 rat prostate

We have demonstrated the possibility of inducing phase 2 enzymatic activity in the prostate tissues of F344 rats in vivo after oral feeding of several candidate phase 2 enzyme inducing agents. Our findings set the stage for further testing of phase 2 enzyme inducing agents in prostate cancer prevention. A first step will be to test whether phase 2 enzyme induction in the prostate will prevent prostatic cancers in animal models. If successful, additional work will be necessary to identify the phase 2 enzymes critical in cancer protection so that they can be monitored as biomarkers of effectiveness in clinical trials.

Competing interests

The author(s) declare that they have no competing interests.

Authors' contributions

JB designed the study. SJ and JB performed the experiments. SJ and JB analyzed the data. SJ and JB contributed to writing the paper.


Supported in part by the United States Army MRMC Prostate Cancer Research Program (DAMD17-98-1-8555) and by a grant from the Stanford Cancer Council. The authors thank Dr. Rob Tibshirani for statistical assistance.

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