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The standard model
- Modern Myths Concerning Life on Mars

The generally accepted “standard model” for life on Mars postulates:

· The surface of Mars is inimical to extant life because of the absence of liquid water, the intense UV flux and an ubiquitous layer of highly oxidizing chemical(s).

· The absence of organic matter in the surface material is proof of the oxidizing layer and/or the effect of the UV flux, and of the absence of life.

· Life may have existed on the surface in the geological past when conditions were more hospitable.

· Extant life may inhabit underground oases where there is liquid water and environmental conditions provide a favorable habitat.

Any claim to the detection of life on Mars must deal with each of the obstacles posed by this model and relevant corollaries resulting there from. This paper will attempt to show that the Standard Model and its corollaries, comprising the “Modern Myths of Mars,” are not supported in fact.

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