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- Modern Myths Concerning Life on Mars

On the basis of the case for life on Mars as set forth above, and in greater detail on the website, the following recommendations are made in the interest of answering this paramount scientific question:

a. A panel of independent scientists should be convened to study the Viking LR results and all other data bearing on the life issue. A full report of the findings and conclusion should be rendered. To date, there has been no formal peer review of this experiment and related data, with the negative conclusion having been rendered and promulgated by only several Viking scientists prior to publication by the Experimenters.

b. Every spacecraft henceforth sent to land on Mars should carry a life detection test.

c. The Chiral LR/Photosynthesis/Circadian Rhythm experiment should be sent to Mars at the earliest opportunity.

d. Images of the same areas of Mars taken at different time intervals should be compared for temporal variations as evidence suggestive of liquid water. The suggestive images should also be compared with other types of Martian data in order to seek correlations with atmospheric water vapor, temperature and seasons. Life-suggestive color and pattern changes in the same features imaged at different times should be sought in the many images of the surface of Mars taken by orbiters, the Hubble Telescope, Spirit and Opportunity.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: The author wishes to acknowledge and thank NASA for funding the LR experiment from 1959 to 1979; Dr. Patricia A. Straat, Viking Labeled Co-Experimenter, whose efforts were indispensable to the development and flight of the LR experiment; Dr. Richard Hoover, NASA MSFC, for inviting and encouraging the author to present papers at the Astrobiology Conferences convened by the International Society for Photonics and Optical Engineering (SPIE); Mrs. Kathy Brailer, the author’s Executive Assistant of many years, who helped immeasurably in preparing this manuscript. Spherix Incorporated for supporting his efforts subsequent to NASA funding.

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