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- MetaCrop: a detailed database of crop plant metabolism

MetaCrop is an ongoing project and currently consists largelyof a collection of manually curated data about six major cropplants, interactive interaction methods via the web interfaceand export functionalities. Our vision for the database is intwo directions: the further curation of information and theimprovement of the web interface. We plan to extend the informationstored in MetaCrop to secondary pathways and to include otherimportant crop plants such as Glycin max (soybean), Solanumlycopersicum (tomato), Helianthus annuus (sunflower) and Secalecereale (rye). For the web interface work is underway to implementmethods to take advantage of the taxonomy and localization informationin MetaCrop such that, for example, if information is not availablefor a specific species it can be derived from information ofclosely related species.



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