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Job Layoff Survival Kit!

The bad news of a job lay-off comes along with a rush of desperation. Then there's the feeling of humiliation and anger. And a heavy dose of self-recrimination. All in all it's a BAD day.

But recovering from this traumatic event is contingent upon how quickly you can get past it and get on with the rest of your life. Having a job layoff survival plan of action can both heal the hurt and resolve some immediate issues.

One of the immediate issues is income. Most people think they have to wait until they find another job to create income. The problem with that is they could be waiting a long, long time for some cash, especially if they insist on using the old-fashioned methods of job search.

So, the first step should be to restore at least part of the income stream. And the fastest, easiest way is to immediately apply for unemployment insurance. Don't make the mistake of waiting till things settle down. You deserve this cash inflow. You've been paying into it for years!

There are many other ways to survive a job layoff. Generate a cash-flow. The most obvious way is to apply for temp employment. Now, most folks will say, "Sorry, I can't make near enough to replace what I was making." While that's true, I can confidently say it's much more reassuring to have some income than none at all, especially if others are dependent on you.

The other advantages of lining up another source of interim income are:

1. It restores some sense of self-confidence in the middle of an otherwise depressing experience.

2. It strengthens your candidacy for a new permanent job. Employers are much more positively inclined towards someone who is gainfully employed.

3. It keeps you active and alert rather than sitting around moping. It boosts your motivation.

4. It's a great source of job opportunities and referral resources.

There are other ways to get temporarily employed following a job layoff. Work part-time for a friend. Become a consultant in your area of specialization. Or start a service that utilizes your skills and experience. Print a business card. It's a signal that you're not unemployed and helps you get past the need for embarrassing job lay-off explanations.

Now, there are some things you should NOT do. Don't frantically plunge into a job search. Give yourself a day or two to decompress and regain a perspective. Don't bad mouth your former company or bosses, especially to family and friends. It will only make you feel worse. During that decompression period, carefully review your exit package and the tasks you have to do regarding it.

Then you're ready to move forward to discover the next chapter in your life. This is a unique time to make some changes in your career direction. It's an opportunity to explore all your options. Fortunately, there are plenty of outstanding resources that can help you turn a painful experience into the career adventure of a lifetime!


Source: Paul Bowley (author). http://www.articlestoreprint.com

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