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The Importance of Medicinal Plants

Medicinal Plants are the main source of natural remedies nowadays. They exist everywhere and sometimes we step on them not knowing that they have some medicinal uses. It is an advantage for us to know their local names or common names, especially for those people living in the rural areas. Even in the urban areas medicinal plants are the primary source of remedy when people get sick.
Today some people prefer to use natural medicine. We can find them anywhere, in our backyards and even in our gardens.
Medicinal plants have important contributions to the healthcare system of local communities as source of medicine fo the rura lpopulation since plants not only have nutritional value but also medicinal values. The ethbotanical healing systems vary according to (Mesfin). In Ethiopia there is a cultural diversity in various patterns of using flora. According to the World Health Organizaton (WHO) more than 3.5 billion people in the developing world rely on medicinal olants as components of their healthcare. Traditional medicine has been brought into focus for meeting the goals of a wider coverage of primary healthcare delivery, not only in Africa but also in all countries of the world. Medicinal plants are widely used in treatment of numerous human and livestock diseases in diffferent parts of the world (Mesfin, 2009).
     It is our Mother Earth who provides an easy access on initial theraphy through a vast array of wild- crafted herbal medicinal plants, decocted, infused, juiced, tinctured, powdered, pounded and poultice to provide relief through varied mechanisms with pharmacologic effect.

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