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Psychological distress and financial
- Human Clone:Who Is Related To Whom

No doubt knowing the path in life taken by one's earlier twin may in many cases have several bad psychological effects.17 The later twin may fed, even if mistakenly, that his or her fate has already been substantially laid out, and so have difficulty freely and spontaneously taking responsibility for and making his or her own fate and life.18 If the later twin is the clone of a particularly exemplary individual, perhaps with some special capabilities and accomplishments, he or she may experience excessive pressure to reach the very high standards of ability and accomplishments of the earlier twin19. Ruth Macklin has explored and criticized the claim that human cloning would lead to persons being viewed as replaceable.20 In a science fiction frame of mind, one can imagine commercial interests offering genetically certified and guaranteed embryos for sale, perhaps offering a catalogue of different embryos cloned from individuals with a variety of talents, capacities and other desirable properties. This would be a fundamental violation of the equal oral respect and dignity owned to all persons, treating them instead of objects to be differentially valued, bought and sold in the market place.21

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