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In principle, human cloning does not represent a forbidden interference in nature, …

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Moral right to use human cloning
- Human Clone:Who Is Related To Whom

When individuals have alternative means of procreating, human cloning typically would be chosen because it replicate a particular individual's genome. The reproductive interest in question then is not simply reproduction itself, but a more specific interest in choosing what kind of children to have.5 The right to reproductive freedom is usually understood to cover at least some choice about the kind of children one will have; for example, genetic testing of an embryo or fetus for genetic disease or abnormality, together with abortion of an affected embryo of fetus, are now used to avoid having a child with that disease or abnormality6. The more a reproductive choice is not simply the determination of oneself and one's own life but the determination of the nature of another, as in the case of human cloning, the more moral weight the interest of that other person, that is the cloned child, should have in decisions that determine its nature.7

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