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Human cloning as ethical
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Another position defends the use of human cloning in medically based circumstances, provided that the safety of the procedure can be guaranteed.8 According to this perspective, clone would meet an infertile comple's desire to participate biologically in development of a new human being, and it could nurture the emotional bond between the partners. If conceiving a child with the genes of atleast one partner is highly important for infertile couples, or is they have reservations about using the genetics of anonymous donors, human clone would be welcome alternative.9

Human cloning would solve the problem of finding a transplant donor who is an acceptable organ or tissue match and would eliminate, or drastically reduce, the risk of transplant rejection by the host. The availability of human cloning for this purpose would amount to a form of insurance policy to enable treatment of certain kinds of medical needs.10,11,12 Kahn (1989) has proposed human cloning then might well produce individuals with exceptional capacities, but we simply do not know how close their clones would be in capacities or accomplishments to the great individuals for whom they were cloned.13 Human cloning and research on human cloning might make possible important advances in scientific knowledge.14

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