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Histological analysis of ovine compact bone tissue

Martiniaková M, Grosskopf B, Omelka R, Vondráková M, Bauerová M.

Department of Zoology and Anthropology, Constantine The Philosopher University, Nitra, Slovak Republic.

Histological sections of femoral diaphysis from adult sheep were investigated in this study. The qualitative characteristics in microstructure of the compact bone were examined in anterior, posterior, medial and lateral views; the quantitative ones were assessed using the software Scion Image. Areas, perimeters, minimum and maximum diameters of the Haversian canals, the Haversian systems and the primary osteons' vascular canals were measured. Our results indicate that ovine diaphysis of the femur is occupied mainly with primary vascular plexiform (laminar, fibrolamellar) tissue. In addition, irregular and dense Haversian bone tissues were observed. All measured variables disposed lower values in comparison with other artiodactyls (cattle and pig).

Full text available in J Vet Med Sci. 2007 Apr;69(4):409-11.

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