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Anethum has no significant effect on lipid profile, but garlic tablet has …

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Materials and methods
- Effects of anethum graveolens and garlic on lipid profile in hyperlipidemic patients

A single-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled intervention study was conducted on patients with coronary artery disease with newly diagnosed hyperlipidemia. One hundred and seventy two patients were selected from cardiology outpatient department of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences. Exclusion criteria included; having significant hepatic, renal and gastrointestinal tract disease, acute myocardial infarction, uncontrolled endocrine disease, and underlying previous therapies for hyperlipidemia. Twenty two cases were excluded. One hundred and fifty patients had total cholesterol level ≥ 200 mg/dl and/or LDL-cholesterol ≥ 100 mg/dl after 10 hours of fasting with standard enzymatic methods. Also, we checked HDL-cholesterol and triglyceride. Written informed consent was obtained from each patient before any study-specific procedure.

We randomly divided patients into three groups, each composing of 50 cases. Garlic group received enteric-coated garlic powder tablet (equal to 400 mg garlic and 1 mg allicin) twice daily. Patients of Anethum group were prescribed anethum tablet 650 mg twice daily. Placebo group were given placebo. Demographic information of different groups is in table 1. After 6 weeks, we checked total cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol, HDL-cholesterol, and triglyceride after 10 hours of fasting.

All patients were given NCEP type Π, i.e. protein about 0.6 g/kg desirable body weight per day, 55 % of total calories from carbohydrate, no more than 30 % of total energy intake be derived from dietary fat, polyunsaturated fats to

Data were analyzed by paired sample t test and non parameter 2 related sample test using SPSS 13.0 program for windows (SPSS Inc. Chicago, Illinois). A difference was considered statistically significant when the probability value (P-value) was

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