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The effect of copper ion on the embryonic development of chick (Gallus gallus)

The effect of copper ion on the embryonic development of chick (Gallus gallus)

ACUNA, H. O., SILVA, T. G., MUNOZ, T. M. et al.

Abstract : There is a general concern for a man being exposed to his environment affected by increasing pollution, all of which are directly related to man's health and life quality. All organisms require copper for normal growth and metabolism, however deficiencies or excess, can affect a number functions. The purpose of this study is to find the effect of administration of cooper sulfate, in different doses and incubation about the embryonic development of chick. Fertilized hen eggs (Gallus gallus) were injected in the air chamber with solution of copper sulfate, in concentration of 29 and 58 mgr Cu/egg, in the second (D2) and fourth days of incubation (D4). They were incubated at 38C with humidity air. The control group of eggs were treated with 0.1 ml of saline. After 14 days of development an evaluation was made of the following parameter: weigh, size, lenght of tarsus and wings, also. The obtained materials was photografed and submitted to macroscopic observation for the observation of the external malformations. The result showed no differences compared with control group, in weigh, size and lenght of the wings embryos, injected in the D2 and D4 with both concentrations. Only the concentration of 58 mgr /egg in D4 of copper produced a significant disminution of length of tarsus right and left compared with the control.The most frequents abnormalities were: everted viscera, absence of feathers and general hemorrhage. Less frequents malformations were: twisted neck, micromelia and edema. The effect of copper describe by others researchers in experimental models is confirmed, and we postulate that exist others factors or variables which would associated with teratogenic effect of copper

Keywords: Copper; Embriology; Gallus gallus; Teratogens.

Rev. chil. anat., 1997, vol.15, no.2, p.127-131. Full text available in Spanish.

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