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Abbreviations used
- DNA and the chromosome – varied targets for chemotherapy

HPLC high performance liquid chromatography

PCR polymerase chain reaction

bp base pairs

HMG High Mobility Group

EMSA electromobility shift assay

ChIP chromatin immunoprecipitation

CD circular dichroism

IR infra red

NMR nuclear magnetic resonance

FISH fluorescence in situ hybridization

MTBP/TRF2 Membrane Tel binding protein

Tel Telomere

FAS APO-1, CD95, death receptor for FAS ligand

TNF Tumour Necrosis Factor

ATM Ataxia-telangiectasia Mutated

ATR Ataxia-telangiectasia Mutated and RAD3-related

ChK1,2 Checkpoint Kinase

BRCA-1 Breast Cancer gene 1

NBS Nijmegen breakage syndrome

MRE Meiotic recombination

MSH Mut S homologue

MLH Mut L homologue

CDK Cyclin-dependent kinase

Rb Retinoblastoma

E2F E2 Factor

RPA Replication Protein A


PI Propidium iodide

IL Interleukin

ELF member of the ETS family of trabscription factors

NFκB Nuclear factor of κ Chain from B cells

MAR Matrix attachment region

FRA Fragile site

c-MYC homologue to the oncogene v-myc isolated from MC29 myelocytomatosis virus

CBI Cyclopropylbenzindoline

gpt xanthine-guanine phophoribosyl transferase gene

TBP Tata Box Binding Protein

SP1 Specificty Protein

SV40 Simion virus 40

Py-Im pyrrole-imidazole

ETS E-26 avion erthroblastosis virus transformation specific protein

HIV Human immunodeficiency virus

LSF also known as LBP-1, UBP, CP-2

Py-Im-Chl Py-Im chlorambucil

Et-743 Ecteinascidin 743

NF-Y Nuclear Factor Y

MDR Multi-drug resistance

HSP Heat Shock Protein

FOS AP-1 protein

JUN AP-1 protein

H Histone

ERG1 Early Growth Response Factor

SRF Serum Response Factor

ssDB single-strand DNA break

TEP1 also known as PTEN, MMAC1

hTER RNA moiety of telomerase

hTERT Catalytic subunit of telomerase

NHE Nuclease hypersensitive element

TOPO Topoisomerase

CPT Camptothecin

DNMT DNA methyltransferase

HDAC Histone Deacetylase

MBP Methyl Binding Protein

MeCP Methyl Cytosine binding Protein

SWI/SNF global transcriptional activation multi-protein complex

SAGA Histone acetyltransferase complex (Spt/Ada/Gcn5/acetylase)

Sir2,3,4 yeast transcriptional silencer proteins

SAHA suberoylanilide hydroxamic acid

p53 Protein 53

BCR/ABL fusion protein resulting from a translocation of BCR and ABL genes


The authors would like to thank the Auckland Cancer Society. S.M. Nelson is funded by the Foundation for Research Science and Technology, NZST Fellowship UOAX0247.

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