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Cyosurgery in curing cancer

Modern medicine has many new, inovative techniques of dealing with the tough diseases that attack our body, most of them still at the beginning or in research. One of these methods that has a good potential is cryosurgery.

Cryosurgery has resulted from studies in cryobiology, and it involves the use of extremely low temperatures to disturb abnormal or diseased tissue. In other words, cryosurgery is a method for killing infected cells and tissue by freezing them.

Cryosurgery has a great potential in treating different forms of cancer. It can treat both external tumors (skin tumors) by spraying liquid nitrogen on them, and internal tumors, case in which the liquid nitrogen in carried inside the body through an instrument called cryoprobe, which is in direct contact with the tumor. The cryoprobe is inserted in the body through a small orifice, and in order not to damage the nearby healthy cells, it is guided through the body straight to the destination with the help of ultrasounds. Then, the diseased cells freeze and die. After they defrost they are absorbed by the body.

These methods of cryosurgery can be used in the treatment of many types of cancer, from which the most important are those that affect the liver and the prostate. Other types that can be treated with cryosurgery are some forms of skin cancer and bone cancer, but in early or precancerous stages, because in further stages the disease spreads through the entire body.

It must also be known that cryosurgery has a few side effects. They are not too severe, but pain, scars, cramps, swelling or the loss of some sensations can occur. These effect are still being studied.

Cryosurgery is still being researched, and it seems to be better that other alternative methods of treating cancer, and with less side - effects and complications. It is also cheaper than some methods, but it has one disadvantage - because it is a relatively new method its long - term effects can not be determined yet.

So, we can only hope that cryosurgery will improve in the nearby future and it will help in the saving of people's lives.

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