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Cutting off the power of sperm, a new male contraceptive revolution

Cutting off the power of sperm, a new male contraceptive revolution

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People always use conventional methods to avoid pregnancy, such as condom or prophylactic. However, these two have their obvious disadvantage. The first one was easily split, and also, it often affects hedonia. To the second one, the pills do much harm to female body. Things would get worst especially when people show something like anaphylaxis with rubber. Profession Vander achieved the objective of male's green-contraception, which caused the world -wide attention of the genecology field. In the march of the year of 2009, just two months after the research findings published, Reproduction weekly of American reported the good news with the headline of the Still Sperm Changed the History of Contraception.

Killeen·Thovenkshire, 28-years-old is an engineer of a research institute of mechanical kinetics in New York, USA. His wife , Riemann·Bonhandig, who was one year younger than him, worked as a dance arranger in a art organization of New York. They were married at the beginning  of year 2007. They had no child since as both of them were busy with their job. Riemann suffered from benign mastofibroma early before they got married. Doctor just gave her simple medical treat since the fibroid was small and benign. But he enjoined her not to take pills of birth-control; otherwise, the female hormone in them would make things worse. That's why the couple kept using condom to avoid pregnancies.

In April 2007, Riemann flight to the rubber plantation of Seattle for performance. She was not well after she came back with roseola all over her body, feeling itching here and there. Doctor diagnosed it was anaphylaxis because some anaphylactogen had attached her. However, doctor had nothing to do to find the definite anaphylactogen except Experimental Anti-allergy. Riemann didn't take it serious, so she just took some anti-allergy medicine. The symptom of hypersensitivity had disappeared. But unfortunately, after Riemann made love with her husband that night, she felt itching all over her body. Accompanied by her husband, she came to the hospital at once. The doctor diagnosed that Riemann was suffered from hypersensitivity. When the doctor got to know what she had done before this, he finally realized that Riemann was sensitive to rubber comparing with the anaphylaxis not long ago. It's obvious that condom was made of rubber. So it was not strange that she had anaphylaxis. The doctor told her," Your body is sensitive to rubber naturally. So you must not touch anything made of rubber, condom including."  "Darling, shall we live without sexual life from now on since neither pill nor condom could I touch?" Riemann asked her husband with tears in her eyes. Killeen comforted her tenderly," Don't worry. You may be pregnant when we want children. That day is not far. 

The fact always not went with the imagination. The young couple faced the torment of passion. They affected by every picture they saw during magazines、television、advertisements, and so on. They could hardly control themselves to be close to each other. One weekend in July, Killeen and his wife Riemann were seeing a movie at home together. Killeen could not help to kiss his wife every time he saw dramatics personae intimating. He was mumbling lowly," Darling, I want to..." Riemann pushed him away alarmedly as if she got an electric shock. She shrieked," Would you want to kill me?" However, Killeen had to wash himself with cold water to be calm down. After a while, he suggested that it would be better for them to live separately. Riemann had no reason to oppose him though she still thought there was something inappropriate. Then they decided to make several disciplines during their tough life. For example, they should avoid each one every time one was bathing; they sleep in different room with both of the doors closed tightly; sexy clothes were forbidden between them; they should keep save distance every time they meet.

Half a month passed. Both of Killeen and Riemann felt so long and so insufferable. Killeen felt so embarrassed that he could not stand it. He blushed and said to her wife," My god, I even get nervous at the sound of running water when you bath... I think I'd better move to my mother's until we want a baby." Riemann could hardly accept it and she protest her husband. She said with sorrow," We were a pair. Is it any different with divorce like that? " "Certainly it is. I was worried about the healthy of my wife. "Said Killeen with smile. How miserable she was when she saw Killeen moved away from their sweet family!

It was such a big house of more than 100 square meters especially when Killeen moved away. Riemann felt so lonely, especially at the days before or after her menstrual period. The passion deeply from her heart and the desire of love made her so sorrowful. Not long after, she became forgetful and got sleeplessness. Even some freckle appeared on her face because of endocrine imbalance. She called her husband when she was dying to see him. But it could hardly help her with the feeling of missing. What's worse, Riemann received a call from her mother last in August, who was worried about her daughter's marriage and suggest them divorce at once when she saw Killeen lived in his own home instead of living with Riemann.

One morning in the early part of August, Riemann called her husband," Darling, could you move back please? I am dying to see you." she sobbed. Unexpectedly, Killeen joked," I could not. Otherwise, I would change into a beast. I don't want hurt you. I am now throwing myself into work with no more thinking. I am fine. " Riemann could not help to burst into tears the moment she put off telephone. It seemed that Killeen did not love her as before. She felt no happiness in her marriage. She called her good friend to tell about her depression. She gave Riemann a ticket of Professor Vender's special performance about birth, which she thought would do something help to Riemann.

In the evening, the science and technology exhibition hall of New York was full of people. Professor Vender, 43-year-old, was a research scholar of academy of genecology sciences in New York. He told people the whole complicated procedures of his contraception research.

In April of year 2003, Professor Vender had attended a reproduction forum convention in Australia. During the convention, he saw the shocked scene of reproduction procedure, which was enlarge screened by electron microscopes. Billions of sperm rushed to womb, just like launches with high speed. The scene shocked the professor deeply. He was surprise at the impact force of sperm. And he was also eager to know the reason about that. In fact, male will ejaculate two thousand million sperms every time, during which only one could succeed and combine with egg to pregnant. The other sperm could only survive for two days and then died quietly. The moving and tragic life journey impressed Vender.

One day in April of 2003, Vender went to watch a beauty contest of pet dogs with his wife. He suddenly made it clear when he saw a host could not stop a strong-headed male Dachshund ride on a Butterfly female dog to show its love. Professor Vender thought about that. If the male Dachshund was stopped, so its sperm couldn't contact egg, then female dog would not be pregnant. In this way, if the sperm launch lost its force, it could not lead to pregnancy by the same meaning.

Professor Vender was suddenly enlightened. He decided to take this breakthrough to continue his suppose. He chose two monkeys to do his experiment. One is male, the other is female. Professor Vender install remote-control-electron microscopy camera in oviduct and womb of the female monkey in order to observe the condition of sperm clearly. During the coming time, Vender made the two monkeys mate successfully using manual method. The scene on the screen called up his memory of the sperm launch. The sperm just liked the launches. They headed towards womb, which was just as the port. In the same time, seminal fluid was ocean, which supported the surrounding to the sperm. Though it blocked sperm launch's march, it made the sperm more powerful to push into womb. In this speed, the sperm would enter womb in less than half a hour.

Professor Vender collected the seminal fluid of the male monkey. He found the sperm he separated from the seminal fluid was still like a stranded launch according to the microscope. Vender put the separated sperm into pure water and found the sperm totally lost force to move. On the other side, the sperm could move around in seminal fluid freely. Obviously, the seminal fluid is the force source of sperm.

Then which substance in seminal fluid could power sperm? Professor Vender did a series of deeply research to solve this question. He found seminal fluid was similar with the mucilage secreted by female hormone. Seminal fluid was mainly consult of catabolic enzyme. Sperm enjoyed it greedily when it was put in seminal fluid. However, catabolic enzyme kept secreted sticky liquid just like ferment, which made sperm feel uncomfortable. In order to got rid of if , sperm would try its best to swim, swinging its tail. A kind of high concentrate protein is secreted during tail's swinging, which beat back catabolic enzyme. The quicker sperm swing tail, the more protein was secreted, and the more power the sperm could receive for their journey.

After all, sperm was live in the seminal fluid. It wad impossible for sperm to get rid of seminal fluid totally. The new catabolic enzyme appeared every time sperm fight for the catabolic enzyme. During this resistance, sperm kept swinging tail and kept swimming towards beneath the force.

How could he dislodge seminal fluid while maintaining the force? Professor Vender was confused.

Vender's daughter helped him when he was just in dilemma. July of 2005, Vender's 10-year-old daughter said. "Look, father. The sail was felt down, the sailboat can not move. How pitiful it is!" From his daughter's words, Professor Vender suddenly realized that the engine of sperm launch was the sail which the sperm was powered by. The sperm launch would not be able to set up without the protein sail, even though there was seminal fluid. As soon as he brought this idea to hid mind, Vender turned back to his lab and took it in action. Surprisingly, he found the power protein had its own induction radar after he detected the power protein of sperm. The radar was ribosome, which would give command to power protein to fight against catabolic enzyme like a kingdom once it induced the coming of enemy. The weapon of this fight is nothing else but the power protein, which would not stop fighting as long as the catabolic enzyme exists. So how to remove the ability of ribosome as monitor was the crucial. From this way, the existence of catabolic enzyme could not be inducted and fight back. And then the sperm had no power to swim without power protein. How to make it true?

One day in the early September of 2005, Professor Vender went to ask Professor Allen for advice, who works in Morperllu Institutes for Biological Sciences, famous expert on genetic of Australia. Professor Allen told him, "Ribosome obtains energy from the connection between 40 regular organism code and 40 peptide bonds of amino acids corresponding. The electrified radar opens up its investigation function and begins to monitor the surrounding around. It will guide protein to fight back once enemy is coming. But if there are more than 40groups of peptide bonds of amino acids, Ribosome would not be able to connect with its partner and be shut down. So if you could change the quantity, the radar of Ribosome could do nothing for help then..." Professor Allen's word made Vender come to an understanding all of a sudden. He thanked Allen excitedly, who light fire for his future journey.

According to the suggestion of Professor Allen, Professor Vender abstracted amino acid composite from ocean animals, which could combine the two amino acids into one.  The composite was concentrated and mixed in release of biological agents of edible fungi. Professor Vender deployed year dose for the monkey according to its physiological characteristic and dissolved it in neutral electrolyte. The composite soon took effect seven hours after Professor Vender put some monkey sperm into the electrolyte. They ate peptide bonds of amino acids away and changed the 40 peptide bonds into 32. Ribosome tried to search 40 peptide bonds of amino acids but in vain. They could only find out 32... So the radar could do nothing. And the power protein did not secret any more. Finally, all sperm launches stopped running. Since composite could not stop radar and sperm launch directly, did oral medication work?

Vender began to feed the monkey liquid medicine. He helped the two monkeys to mating after seven hours. Vender observed the procedure carefully by meanings of the screen. Pleasantly surprised, he discovered that the sperm launches were all suspended in the seminal fluid because ribosome could not monitor the sperm. The two monkeys were made to mating for several times during the following days. But female monkey had no signal of pregnancy until March of 2006. In order to test and verify the period of validity of Sustained-release oral suspension sperm, Vender made them mating for two times in May and led to the pregnancy of the female monkey after a mouth.

Professor Vender was successful. But to his pity, Vender had no chance to experiment his achievement on human body. People were all unwilling to run the risk. So it was still blank in this field. After all, great majority couple don't adapt to the special case of convention contraception methods.

After the lecture, Riemann found Professor Vender using every conceivable means. She said to Vender in a choking voice," I beg you to help me... You are the god's gift for me when I am so despaired..." Vender said sympathetically after hearing her story,"Please don't be worry. I hope your husband will cooperate with us, if he still loves you!"

Riemann couldn't wait to tell her husband the good news that night. Killeen said in half-doubt, "It's unbelievable. I will have a try. Let's agree to an appointed time with him." They met next day morning. Professor Vender said to the couple with a soft smile, "Believe in me. You two will back to the happy time past." After the risk of the agreement signed, Professor Vender deployed proper dose of medicine liquid. Vender directed her to take it personally. Sexual life was forbidden during this week. Theoretically, the effect of birth-control could maintain for half a year.

Killeen felt fine after taking the medicine liquid. There was nothing unusual during the time according to Vender' comprehensive testing.

To be on the safe side, the couple began to touch each other closely after two weeks. What's more, they have sexual life three times. Riemann and Killeen had a sense of fun heartily. The most surprising thing was Riemann had no indication of pregnancy after half a year. In April of 2008, Killeen stopped taking Sustained-release oral suspension sperm. Riemann was baby pregnant in June and gave birth to a pretty daughter in the February of 2009.

Before, the institute of Reproductive contraception of University of Adelaide, Australia, had worked out a method of contraception. They installed remote control-valve in male genital tract. Then researchers could control the sperm by remote control. But obviously, E-wave radiation did harm to people's health. Also, valve in genital tract made people feel uncomfortable. The discovery of Vender had more advantage by comparison. By the way of taking medicine, the power of sperm was cut off and the sperm was powerless to swim to womb without affecting sexual pleasure. It does no harm to body, either.

After Reproduction weekly of American reported the good news with the headline of the Still Sperm Changed the History of Contraception, much attention was paid all over the world. Gunnie·Moroshere, National forum for Reproductive Medicine, leading fertility expert,highly praised Professor Vender with his Sustained-release oral suspension sperm. He said, "It is the greatest invention in the history of contraception. The world was changed by it."


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