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- cTFbase: a database for comparative genomics of transcription factors in cyanobacteria

Currently, the cTFbase is limited to 21 cyanobacterial genomes retrieved from IMG database and works as a centralized warehouse for the comparative genomic analysis of putative TFs in cyanobacteria. Without regular update, however, the database would quickly lose its advantages. Therefore, we prepared to update its data on a regular basis and our update policy is mainly based on following three cases. First, the repertoire of TFs will be identified and integrated into the database when newly completed or draft cyanobacterial genomes are available. Second, novel TFs verified by experiments will be also added into the cTFbase. We encourage users to submit new TFs to our database through the interactive web interface. Third, cTFbase will be updated periodically according to main databases, such as the Pfam and SUPERFAMILY database. Any questions, comments and suggestions will be welcome, which will be a useful feedback for future updating.

Availability and requirements

Project name

cTFbase: a database for comparative genomics of transcription factors in cyanobacteria

Project home page

Operating system(s)

For user: Standard WWW browser (Safari, Mozilla and Internet Explorer);

For server: Linux

Programming language

PHP, SQL, Perl and Bioperl



Any restrictions to use by non-academics


Authors' contributions

JW performed bioinformatic analysis, constructed the database, developed the web interface, and wrote the manuscript. SW helped with the design of web interface and update of the database. GD, JB and JW prepared the figures in manuscript and website. JQ and JL provided scientific suggestions and criticisms for improving the manuscript and website. QB and FZ participated in its design, helped write the manuscript and supervised the whole project. All authors read and approved the final manuscript.


We are grateful to Dr. Juyuan Zhang from Huazhong Agricultural University and Mr. Rusty Childers from Wenzhou Medical College for their checking the writing of our manuscript. We are indebted to institute of biomedical informatics and Zhejiang provincial key laboratory of medical genetics (Wenzhou Medical College, China). This work was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (30571009).

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