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- Climate change threats to plant diversity in Europe

mcith_zpq0230584990001.jpg Figure 1  Proportion of species classified according to the IUCN Red List assessment under two extremes assumptions about species migration. EX, extinct; CR, critically endangered; EN, endangered; VU, vulnerable; LR, lower risk.

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mcith_zpq0230584990002.jpg Figure 2  Estimated percentage of species loss and turnover. Upper extreme, upper quartile, median, lower quartile, and lower extreme are represented for each box.

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mcith_zpq0230584990003.jpg Figure 3 Relationships between the percentage of species loss and anomalies of moisture availability and growing-degree days. The colors correspond to different climate change scenarios.

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mcith_zpq0230584990004.jpg Figure 4 Regional projections of the residuals from the multiple regression of species loss against growing-degree days and moisture availability. Red colors indicate an excess of species loss; gray colors indicate a deficit.

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mcith_zpq0230584990005.jpg Figure 5 Spatial sensitivity of plant diversity in Europe ranked by biogeographic regions. Mean percentage of current species richness (Left) and species loss (Center) and turnover (Right) by environmental zones under the A1-HadCM3 scenario.

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