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- Breeding for high water-use efficiency


The authors acknowledge the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) for providing funds towards the research on wheat in Australia. Agritech Research Services and GRDC are acknowledged for permission to publish data in Fig. 6B.


Abbreviations: A, instantaneous rate of CO2 assimilation; A/T, instantaneous water-use efficiency of leaf gas exchange; Ca, atmospheric CO2 concentration; Ci, leaf internal CO2 concentration; Ci/Ca, the ratio of internal and atmospheric CO2 concentrations; {Delta}13C, carbon isotope discrimination; E, evaporation from the soil; ET, evapotranspiration, the sum of soil evaporation and plant transpiration from a crop canopy (instantaneous or cumulative); G, stomatal conductance; HI, harvest index; T, instantaneous rate of transpiration from a single leaf, and transpiration from a crop canopy (instantaneous or cumulative); T/ET, the ratio of transpiration to evapotranspiration; W, transpiration efficiency of crop biomass production; Wa, atmospheric water vapour concentration; Wi, leaf internal water vapour concentration

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