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- On the biphoton wavelength

On the biphoton wavelength

P. H. Souto Ribeiro

Instituto de Física,
Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro,
Caixa Postal 68528, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, 21945-970, Brazil  

We report on an experiment showing that the wavelength of a biphoton is clearly dependent onthe measurement scheme and on the way it is defined. It is shown that it can take any value, depending on the control of the interferometer phase differences. It is possible to identify the interference of the single and two-photon wavepackets as particular cases of the most general interference process. The variable wavelength has no implication on the energy of the individual photons neither on the total energy of the biphoton.

Braz. J. Phys. vol.31 no.3 São Paulo Sept. 2001. Open Access.

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