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The term animal crossing
- Animal crossings

This term first appeared about ten years ago. An animal crossing is an installation constructed so as to make it possible for animals to pass over or under roads, railway lines and canals.

– As early as the 1960s ”wildlife bridges” were built in France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, says Lennart Folkeson.
However, the purpose of these wildlife bridges was not to protect animals and nature; they were built to look after the interests of hunters. There was a fear that roads would prevent deer from moving from one area to another, and that this would make large tracts of land uninteresting to hunters.

– The early wildlife bridges were often too narrow and they were in the wrong places. They were also made of the wrong materials, mostly concrete. They echoed when the deer crossed, and wild animals are afraid of that type of noise. But the biologists noticed these wildlife bridges, and in turn this gave the idea for animal crossings.

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