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A European project – COST 341
- Animal crossings

How much do we know about the importance of animal crossings for wild animals? Have any evaluations been made?

– Unfortunately, there were very few follow-up reviews before the latest five year period, answers Lennart Folkeson. Evaluations were a neglected area. But today we take much more care in locating the animal crossings, and we also know more as to what this type of crossing must look like to be attractive for animals.

A five-year European project on this subject, COST 341 – Habitat Fragmentation due to Linear Transportation Infrastructure – ended with a large conference in Brussels last November. Sixteen countries have collaborated in writing a European state of the art report on the basis of national reports. A handbook addressed to designers, planners and decision makers all over Europe has also been produced in English.

– It is a matter of new knowledge, says Lennart Folkeson. It takes time to reach all levels. But, on the whole, I feel that there is a positive attitude to animal crossings. In Sweden, both the National Swedish Road Administration and the National Swedish Rail Administration are greatly committed to this issue.

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