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Anatomic Study of the Palmar Archs: Diameter and Presentation

Elizondo-Omaña Rodrigo Enrique; García-Rodríguez Maria de los Angeles; Tijerina de la Garza Octavio; Guzman López Santos; De la Garza Castro Osear; López Serna Norberto & Ortegón Galindo Edgar


Abstract: The radial artery and unlar artery are the most important arteries of the hand, they form a superficial and deep palmar arches. The detailed description of the anatomic characteristics of the palmar arches have contributed to develop new microsurgical techniques for the hand. The aim of this study was to establish the arterial pattern in the hand, and also to determine the luminal diameter of the arteries that contributes to palmar arches. It was a descriptive study. We used 25 hands of embalmed cadavers. We cut the arteries in differents points and after that they were stained and observed in optical microscope. The complete superficial palmar arch was found in 14 (56%) samples and 11 (44%) samples it was incomplete. The complete deep palmar arch was found in 20 (80%) samples and 5 (20%) it was incomplete. The presentation of the palmar arches is complex and variable, but always exist one complete arch (deep or superficial)

Keywords: Superficial palmar branch; Deep palmar branch.


Full text in Spanish: Int. J. Morphol., Mar. 2007, vol.25, no.1, p.55-60.


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