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Gillevinia straata, the scientific name [1, 2] recognizing the first extraterrestrial living form ever …

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- Analysis of evidence of Mars life

Thanks to Drs. Meserve, Huntress, Hazen and others of the Carnegie Institution for providing this opportunity to speak and to discuss these issues, to Dr. Patricia Straat, my Co-Experimenter, to Drs. Schulze-Makuch and Houtkooper, for their discussions, and their seconding of the LR's detection of life albeit they propose the experiment soon killed the microorganisms detected. I am most deeply indebted to Dr. Mario Crocco, who authored the paper confirming the conclusion that the LR detected life, and to Dr. Mariela Szirko, his colleague.

I thank Argentine Minister Marcelo Cima for attending the seminar, representing Ambassador Jose Octavio Bordón, who was on official business in Puerto Rico. Particular thanks are due Governor Jorge Telerman, Governor of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, for having facilitated the research work concluding that the Viking Labeled Release experiment of 1976 did detect microbial life on Mars and the naming thereof.

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