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The new aeshnopteran family Enigmaeshnidae is proposed for Enigmaeshna deprei gen. et …

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- A new dragonfly family from the Upper Cretaceous of France


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Figure 1 Map of the Tonnay-Charente area (SW France) with location of the Puy-Puy quarry with Early Cenomanian deposits (A) and geological section (B)with the position of the studied sample with fossil Odonata (arrow). A1, fluvial sand with large cross beddings; A2, estuarine alternation of sand and clay, with three main fossiliferous levels (P1, plant compressions and arthropod imprints; P2, plant compressions only; GB, arthropods tracks); B1, marine shelly sand.  

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Figure 2 Anisopteran Enigmaeshna deprei gen. et sp. nov. from Early Cenomanian of the Puy-Puy quarry (Tonnay-Charente, SW France). Holotype MNHN-LP-R 63889, photomicrograph (A) and explanatory drawing (B). Abbreviations: a.l., anal loop; A×1, A×2, primary antenodal cross-veins; CuAa, distal branch of cubitus anterior; CuP, cubitus posterior; IR2, intercalary radial vein; MA, median anterior; MP, median posterior; N, nodus; Pt, pterostigma; RP2, RP3/4, radius posterior; t.p., trigonal planate.  


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