Biology Online is a Biology blog and dictionary site that provides up to date articles on the latest developments in biological science. The Biology Online Dictionary is a completely free and open dictionary with over 60,000 biology terms. It uses the wiki concept, so that anyone can make a contribution.

Welcome To Biology Online

Welcome To Biology Online

Biology Online is the home for everyone who is interested in studying and becoming more familiar with biology, whether you are a teacher, student, scientist or anyone else who shares a passion for Biology’s aspects.

The site aims to educate and promote awareness of all things regarding biology, offering free and easy access to information in the biological sciences.

Created in 2001, the site provides a wealth of information in the diverse field of biology, offering a forum for discussion, an editable-dictionary with thousands of terms, links to external resources, tutorials, articles and a biology book catalogue with user reviews.

The site is often recognized for its simplicity, in both its design and the way in which it delivers content, helping users to find information easily, quickly and as a result more effectively.

Over the long term, we aim to promote the subject and sites with similar goals (be it in education or science).

The site is sustained and able to evolve as a result of the contributions to the content, you can share your theories and concepts, you can upload your work by sending them to our moderators.

The content on the site is usually added and checked by members of our team, however if you do notice any incorrect information or mistakes please contact a team member straight away. As members of the biology community, we hope you will help us to verify the information presented on the site for accuracy and integrity.


Become familiar with our team, these are some of the people who make this site possible


Biology Online Team

Joined Biology-Online on 22-06-2006
Maria Victoria (Vicki) Mozo, formerly a Biology teacher and researcher, has devoted her time in enriching Biology Online. She takes pride of her enormous enthusiasm for the website from the moment she learned how to flick the mouse and bash the keyboard. One of her timeless goals is to make others see biology not as a geeky science but a way to appreciate life.


Joined Biology-online on 08-13-2014

I am a Biologist with a Master’s Degree major in microbiology and a researcher in the Philippines. An avid fun of microorganism making them more interesting to others that hates them. A University mentor that advocates environmental sustainability and biodiversity. Nature offers human being the beauty of its existence take care of it so it gives back the goodness of life.