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The site aims to provide information free at the point of use, but can make no 100% guarantee about the accuracy of the information available on this site. Human error will play a factor in the creation of any web site, and therefore inaccuracies do arise when people make web sites and learn more about a new subject.

Considerable attempts are made to ensure their are as little errors as possible within the information on this site.

Biology Online can neither take responsibility to the content of web sites we link to, as we are not in control of what information is stored under those URL's. However, all efforts are made to make links from Biology Online relevant and clear to the user

In light of the above we cannot take responsibility from any information you obtain from this site due to the possibility of inaccuracy mentioned above.

In regards to copyright, all information on this website is unique to biology online and is therefore copyrighted by the webmaster of biology online. The webmaster reserves their rights and therefore any breach of copyright in information in regards to this site is against the law and breaches intellectual property rights.

Privacy Policy

Biology Online is a non-profit site, and therefore has no aim in collecting personal information about the users who visit this site. In light of this, no information is collected which can identify you as a user of this site for commercial gain or any other motive for that matter, unless otherwise explicitly stated on the page that you submit information.

The aim of biology online is to present information TO you, the user, though in future, surveys may be added so that the future evolution of the site described in the about us page can continue to satisfy the demand of all the visitors who visit the site.

Raw statistics are used gathered from each computer that "hits" the site; non-personal information that can be used to determine traffic to the site, broken pages and links etc etc critical to the functioning of the site. This means that COOKIES are used, these cookies maintain a record of your browsing habits across this site and basic information obtained from your browser, no personal information is contained within these cookies.

Otherwise, be rest assured that your privacy and your computers privacy are not invaded when you surf this site.


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