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Articles on Virology, the science of viruses and viral diseases

Virology Articles

HIV-1's high virulence might be an accident of evolution
The virulence characteristic of HIV-1--the virus predominantly responsible for human AIDS--might amount to an accident of evolution, new evidence reveals.

Date: 16 Jun 2006, Rating: 6.29

Sweat May Pass On Hepatitis B In Contact Sports
Sweat may be another way to pass on hepatitis B infection during contact sports.

Date: 23 Mar 2007, Rating: not rated

Hepatitis A: Old and New
A comprehensive article about hepatitis A, i.e. pathogen, mode of transmission, pathology, management, etc.

Date: 11 Jul 2006, Rating: 3.58, 15 pages

Researchers Discover Cold Virus Can 'Hit And Hide'
An international team of researchers has discovered that respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), a common cold virus causing bronchiolitis in children, can act as a 'hit and hide' virus.

Date: 23 Mar 2007, Rating: 9.33