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Articles on Virology, the science of viruses and viral diseases

Virology Articles

Scientists learn structure of enzyme in unusual virus
Biologists have determined the three-dimensional structure of an unusual viral enzyme that is required in the assembly of new viruses.

Date: 8 Oct 2007, Rating: 1.00

Flu virus trots globe during off season
The influenza A virus does not lie dormant during summer but migrates globally and mixes with other viral strains before returning to the Northern Hemisphere as a genetically different virus

Date: 8 Oct 2007, Rating: not rated

Lab-on-chip testing for 'bird flu' developed by Singapore scientists
Researchers have successfully developed a miniaturized device that can be used to detect the highly pathogenic avian flu (H5N1) virus.

Date: 8 Oct 2007, Rating: not rated

New field-deployable biosensor detects avian influenza virus in minutes instead of days
Quick identification of avian influenza infection in poultry is critical to controlling outbreaks, but current detection methods can require several days to produce results.

Date: 8 Oct 2007, Rating: 5.00

Study Unveils How West Nile Virus Evades Immune Defenses, Points To Vaccine Development
West Nile virus evades the body's immune defenses by blocking immune signaling by a protein receptor, a finding that could pave the way for a vaccine to protect against North American strains of the virus....

Date: 16 Oct 2006, Rating: 7.08

Mayo Clinic Researchers Create 'Obedient Virus'; First Step To Use Measles Virus Against Cancer
A team of researchers is first to devise a system that consistently converts the measles virus into a therapeutic killer that hunts down and destroys cancer cells -- and cancer cells only.

Date: 26 Sep 2006, Rating: 5.00

New bird flu drug promises to beat the problem of resistance
The search for an alternative flu drug has become all the more pressing as the full extent of resistance – the ability of the influenza virus to withstand drug treatments - becomes more widely understood.

Date: 8 Aug 2006, Rating: 4.33

Viral DNA Sequence A Possible Trigger For Breast Cancer
A small sequence of DNA in the envelope (Env) protein of a mouse breast tumor virus (called MMTV) can transform breast cells into cancer cells

Date: 23 Mar 2007, Rating: 10.00

Genetically Engineered Poliovirus Fights Brain Tumors
What do you get when you cross a poliovirus with the virus that causes the common cold? An efficient mechanism for killing brain tumors, say scientists...

Date: 23 Mar 2007, Rating: 5.00

How Do Viral and Host Factors Modulate the Sexual Transmission of HIV? Can Transmission Be Blocked?
The article discussed HIV transmission and possible therapeutic interventions...

Date: 8 Jul 2006, Rating: 3.00, 9 pages

Evolution Of Influenza A Virus
An understanding of the evolutionary dynamics of the influenza virus determines scientists' ability to survey and control the virus.

Date: 23 Mar 2007, Rating: 1.50

Mimicking Viruses May Provide New Way To Defeat Them
Viruses, often able to outsmart many of the drugs designed to defeat them, may have met their match, according to research.

Date: 23 Mar 2007, Rating: 7.22

Scientists Learn More About How Viruses Reproduce, Spread
Biochemists have made a surprising discovery about the inner workings of a powerful virus -- a discovery that they hope could one day lead to better vaccines or anti-virus medications.

Date: 23 Mar 2007, Rating: 3.77

West Nile Virus Can Cause Polio-like Symptoms
More evidence shows that West Nile virus can cause a polio-like syndrome with paralysis and impaired breathing.

Date: 23 Mar 2007, Rating: 5.00

Novel Virus Entry Mechanism Could Lead To New Drugs Against Poxviruses
Research describes how the Imperial College London team discovered the mechanism allowing Vaccinia virus to shed its outer lipid membrane and enter cells.

Date: 23 Mar 2007, Rating: 3.00

Hepatitis C: Surprise Finding Could Lead To Vaccine
Research from the University of New South Wales shows some people may repeatedly be able to clear hepatitis C virus from their bodies, without any biological traces of the potentially serious infection.

Date: 23 Mar 2007, Rating: not rated

Researchers Identify Cell Line That Is Resistant To Retroviruses, Including HIV
Researchers have identified a protein that enables viruses such as HIV to infect cells and spread through the body.

Date: 23 Mar 2007, Rating: 1.00

Researcher Issues Caution On Live Virus Vaccines
A New York Medical College microbiologist warns that live virus vaccines to prevent infectious diseases like West Nile virus and yellow fever could have dire consequences.

Date: 23 Mar 2007, Rating: 3.00

Common House Sparrows Potential Reservoir For West Nile Virus
Common house sparrows may be an important reservoir host for West Nile virus.

Date: 23 Mar 2007, Rating: 5.00

Researchers Discover How Leukaemia Virus Spreads Through The Body; Discovery Could Eventually Lead To New Treatments For HIV And AIDS
Researchers have discovered the mechanism by which human T-lymphotropic virus type 1 (HTLV-1), the virus which causes adult T-cell leukaemia, spreads through the body.

Date: 23 Mar 2007, Rating: not rated